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"Here comes, our-"

―Series tagline

"We are Ultramen"

―Second tagline

ULTRAMANウルトラマン (Urutoraman), also trademarked as Anime ULTRAMAN[5], is a 3DCG anime series produced by Tsuburaya Productions and Production I.G based on the manga series of the same name, ULTRAMAN.[6] The first season of the series was released worldwide on April 1, 2019, via Netflix.[7] Season 2 was released on April 14, 2022,[8][9][10][11] while the third and final season released on May 11, 2023.[3][4][12]

The first season was broadcast on Japanese TV networks Tokyo MX and BS11 starting April 12, 2020, with a new theme song.[13][14]

Viewer discretion is advised as strong language is sometimes used.

A spin-off mobile video game titled ULTRAMAN: BE ULTRA was released during Spring 2020 in Japan.


Season 1

In this world, there was once a figure called the Giant of Light. After completing his mission, he went back to his homeland and erased all memories relating to him, giving humans the peace they had once had. The story is based on a world where the Giant of Light is now the past.

High schooler Shinjiro Hayata notices he has “special powers”—unbelievable jumping skills, strength well beyond humans', and a body too-powerfully built—all of which were enough for him to realize he is not “normal”.

One day, he finds out that his father was once Ultraman. Shinjiro, who inherited those genes, is one of the few who can wear the Ultra Suit.

"I will say this straight up — I want you to become Ultraman."[15]

Season 2

A global, mass-disappearance event takes place, and Rena and Shinjiro simultaneously vanish.

In the wake of these events, freelance journalist Kotaro Higashi investigates this mysterious “disappearance incident.”

The aliens behind it are the terrorist organization Dark Star. They transmit a message to those on Earth: “Give us half of the Earth, or sacrifice half of its people… make your choice.” At the same time, the recently disappeared Rena and Shinjiro are teleported to the Dark Star ship orbiting the Earth.

Learning too much, Kotaro is caught in the crossfire between Dark Star and the SSSP, and is almost left for dead….

In the final battle, our heroes face off against the Golden Fortress. Facing this giant mech destroying the city, ULTRAMAN, SEVEN and TARO are joined by ZOFFY, JACK, and ACE.

At long last, the 6 ULTRAMAN heroes have assembled![15]

Final Season

Shinjiro (ULTRAMAN) who saw a nightmare begins to realize he can no longer keep his abilities under control and struggles to contain them. His power is unleashed beyond his control, the city is destroyed, and people are hurt. Society begins to call ULTRAMAN a “disaster of mankind” and the hero becomes a target for condemnation. Shinjiro, alone and having lost everything, finds himself in the middle of a maelstrom of fate! In the shadows of the confusion, an ominous alien force moves in secret![16]


Season 1

  1. A Power That Does Not Belong On Earth
  2. An Inevitable Fate BLOOD VIOLENCE
  3. Being Ultraman Isn't So Bad DEATH
  4. Release the Limiter! BLOOD VIOLENCE
  5. An Alien Town
  6. The Curse That Is Ultraman
  7. Hidden Thoughts BLOOD VIOLENCE
  8. The Dawn of Truth CHARACTER DEATH
  9. Nice To Meet You, Big Brother
  10. Star Cluster Council
  11. Always Stay the Way You Are
  12. Ace Killer BLOOD VIOLENCE
  13. The Real Ultraman BLOOD VIOLENCE

Season 2

  1. The Man from NY
  2. Flames of Fury
  3. The Man without the Light
  4. Attack on SSSP BLOOD
  5. The Golden Fortress BLOOD
  6. ULTRAMAN No.6

Final Season

  1. The Sign of a New Awakening BLOOD
  2. The Curse of Ultraman
  3. The Choice of a Hero
  4. No One to Trust BLOOD
  5. Hide and Seek BLOOD
  6. A Warrior's Return
  7. The Fourth Successor
  9. Time of Awakening
  10. The Disaster
  11. A Nightmare Come True
  12. Farewell, Our- BLOOD





Season 1

Season 2

Final Season



Character Japanese Voice English Voice Motion Actor
Shinjiro Hayata Ryohei Kimura Josh Hutcherson Katsuyuki Yamazaki
Shin Hayata Hideyuki Tanaka Fred Tatasciore Teruaki Ogawa
Dan Moroboshi Takuya Eguchi Liam O'Brien Shinji Kasahara
Seiji Hokuto Megumi Han Gunnar Sizemore Haruka Shibai
Rena Sayama Sumire Morohoshi Tara Sands Haruka Shibai
Mitsuhiro Ide Ken Uo Brian Palerma Kaiji Soze
Edo Shigeru Ushiyama D.C. Douglas Teruaki Ogawa
Jack Ryota Takeuchi Robbie Daymond
Yosuke Endo Eiji Hanawa Chris Edgerly
Kurata Hirokazu Sekido Lucien Dodge
Adad Kenjiro Tsuda Steven Jay Blum
Shiraishi Shiraishi Minoru Benjamin Diskin
Bemular Kaiji Soze Matthew Mercer Kaiji Soze
Alien Adacic Yuichi Jose Xander Mobus
Igaru Tomohiro Yamaguchi Michael Yurchak
Ace Killer Hiroaki Hirata Ray Chase
Alien Nepenthes Tarusuke Shingaki D. C. Douglas
Kotaro Higashi Tomoaki Maeno[25] Roger Craig Smith[26]
Alien Pedant Junichi Suwabe[10][11] Christropher Swindle[27]
Izumi Maaya Sakamoto[2] Julie Nathanson[27]
Maaya Ayane Sakura[18] Reba Buhr[27]
Valcure Mao Ichimichi[19][20] Jennifer Sun Bell
Mephisto Koji Ishii[19][20] Ray Chase
Alien Zarab
Daisuke Arashi Hideaki Tezuka[21][22]
Gojo Takaya Aoyagi[23]
Yuriko Hayata Shino Kakinuma[28]


  • Directors: Kenji Kamiyama, Shinji Aramaki
  • Music: Nobuko Toda, Kazuma Jinnouchi


Season 1

Opening Theme
Ending Themes

Season 2

Opening Theme
  • 3[2]
    • Lyrics: Konnie Aoki
    • Compostion/Arrangement: TeddyLoid
    • Artist: NOILION
Ending Theme

Season 3

Opening Theme
  • RAYS[32]
    • Lyrics: Konnie Aoki
    • Compostion/Arrangement: TeddyLoid、MIYAVI、Carlos K.
    • Artist: NOILION and MIYAVI
Ending Theme
    • Artist: Void_Chords, Ryohei & Foggy-D

Home Media

Season 1 of the series was released on Blu-Ray format on June 24, 2020, in a standard release and a limited-edition version through Premium Bandai.

The releases are bundled with the following:

  • Extra merchandise (Varies with merchant)
  • ULTRAMAN Making Documentary: This Is Our Ultraman
  • No-Credits Opening and Ending (TV Version)
  • Promotional Video archives
  • An exclusive side story for the manga
  • Work Booklet: ORIGINAL BOOKLET B TYPE (Limited edition only)[33][34]



Season 1

Season 2

Final Season



Season 1
Season 2
Final Season


Season 1
Season 2
Final Season


  • ULTRAMAN was Netflix Japan's most-watched anime for the year 2019, as well as the sixth-most watched program overall.[35][5]
  • The series was nominated for the Best Direction - TV/Media category in the 47th Annie Awards, held in 2020.[36] Other than that, it was also nominated for and then won the grand prize of the 8th VFX-Japan Award, held in 2020, for Best CGI in the Animation category.[37][38]
  • A crowdfunded live-action trailer was made for the TV rebroadcast for the first season of the series.[39][40] The fundraising project managed to surpass their goal of 5 million yen, accumulating a total of 8,967,000 yen from 612 supporters.[41]

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