UGM (Utility Government Members)

Ultrmn 80 UMG

UGM episode 14 -26

All ugm back for finale (ignore andriod junos head

Members: Captain Kazuki Oyama
Chief Ito
Takeshi Yamato
Tokihiko Harada
Hiroshi Tajima
Shinpachi Tajimori
Noboru Ikeda
Emi Jouno
Ryoko Hoshi
Affiliations: UNDA (United Nations Defense Army)
Designations: To protect mankind from any threat, mainly monsters and aliens
First appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 1: "Teacher Ultraman"
Latest appearance: Ultraman 80 Episode 50: "All The Animals Are Frozen"
UGM (Utility Government Members) is a fictional defense force formed by Captain Kazuki Oyama.


Formed after MAC, UGM's run presided over a short era of peace, as during the five years after Ultraman Leo's departure, the world did not suffer from any monster attacks or invasion. This lead people to believe that the 'era of monsters' was over. Indeed many, even members of UGM, who all but the captain never faced a monster, believe such events were a thing of the past and treated any abnormality as trivial.

It was not until the appearance of the first monster in years Crescent that the team was showed how unprepared they were as the day was saved entirely by the latest Ultraman to visit Earth 80.


Main article: Kazuki Ooyama
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Captain Oyama

  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Captain / Leader
  • Age: 35

He and Takeshi are some of the only people in Japan to think that giant monsters roamed once again.

Main article: Junkichi Ito
Cheif Itou

Chief Ito

  • Status: Alive (killed by Gimira in Episode 18 later revived by Hoshi Sawako.)
  • Position: Vice Captain/Chief

A chief who's his girlfriend was a alien. Ito came for UGM Europe to help UGM Japan in Episode 14 to stop Zarudon. He was the monster Lavras when Gimira struck him with his energy Ray. He was killed but later revived by his girlfriend.

Main article: Takeshi Yamato
  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Member

Takeshi is Ultraman 80's human form. He has been always speculated of being a alien until his secret identity was revealed.

Main article: Hiroshi Tajima

Hiroshi Tajima's debut

  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Member (Replaced by Tajimori in Episode 27)
  • Age: 23

He loves using guns just like Harada. In Episode 20 he was put unconscious by Okorin Ball and nearly died.

Main article: Tokihiko Harada

Officer Harada's debut

  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Vice Captain (replaced by Chief Ito) Member (Replaced by Ikeda in Episode 27)
  • Age: 26

Has curly hair and always wants to stop monsters with his guns. He has a lot of brothers. He left for UGM Australia in episode 27 as revealed in Ultraman 80's finale.

Main article: Emi Jouno
  • Status: Deceased
  • Position: Operator/ Field Agent
  • Age: 20

She helps with communications of aliens. She was then kidnapped by the Alien Galagala for mistaking her for Yullian and sacrificed herself to save Takeshi Yamato. She is the first member known Takeshi is Ultraman 80. Her father was Dr. Shigeo Shiroji of space biology.

Main article: Ryoko Hoshi
  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Semi-Member

She is the human form of Yullian and helps Takeshi when he is in trouble.

Main article: Noboru Ikeda
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Ikeda's first appearence

  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Member

He is commonly paired with Takeshi in missions. He gets along with children and was born in the Yamanami village. He is also very similar to Harada as he always wants to use his guns to kill monsters.

Main article: Shinpachi Fujimori
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Officer Tajimori's first appearence

  • Status: Alive
  • Position: Member

From UGM sector 3, he came to join UGM Japan after Harada and Taijama left to UGM Australia.


Personnel Clothes

UGM Wear

UGM standard uniform

Made from special synthetic fibers it can withstand 100 degrees below zero and 1500 degrees Celsius. When worn under clothes it maintains a constant 26 degrees Celsius temperature. It holds the member's ID card and also block harmful rays and radiation.

Firearms and Special Equipment


A small gun the UGM team carries works as a flame or laser gun and tranquilizer gun by exchanging the cartridge.


A rapid fire beam gun that can be disassembled easily. It fires powerful Utility bullets but can also fire Beta Rays when something like the Bright Stick is installed.


Kaiju Sensor

A sensor for tracking monster deep underground or alien activity.


Made from plastic and special metal, it was design to not break even from a monster attack. It is light weight and has a built in Ultra-High performance transceiver.


  • Length: 4.32 meters
  • Width: 1.67 meters
  • Height: 1.27 meters
  • Hourly Speed: 750 km
  • Passengers: 4 people

The Scooter S7 is the car UGM uses. The scooter S7 is designed off of the Mazda · RX-7 (SA22C type). The S7 stands for Secret Seven.

Sky higher
  • Length: 19 meters
  • Width:17.7 meters
  • Height: 6 meters
  • Maximum Speed: Mach 5.5
  • Passengers: 1 person

The Sky Higher is a multi-purpose VTOL fighter attack aircraft. It is equipped with a Laser Cannon and a Body Research Ray that can research the bodies of monsters. It also has a nuclear jet engine.

Silva gulla
  • Length: 12 m
  • Width: about 16 m
  • Height: 5.7 m
  • Max. Speed: Mach 6.3
  • Passengers: 2 people

It is a VTOL army plane that can split into two parts: α and β. In episode 13 the Silver Gull was used for the tactic "Formation Yamato" to stop Saramandora. The tactic was used in Ultraman Mebius. Below are stats on the α and β planes, they both have nuclear jet engines.


  • Length: about 12.6 m
  • Width: about 16 m
  • Height: about 3 m
  • Passenger: 1 person
  • Weapons:
    • Main Wing: Laser Cannon and Fire Stream
    • Base Main Wing: Laser Shock Gun and Air-to-Ground Missile


  • Length: about 9 m
  • Width: about 11.5 m
  • Height: about 3 m
  • Passenger: 1 person
  • Weapons:
    • Main armament: Missile Launcher
    • Main Wing: Laser Gun
    • fuselage: Operation equipment, missiles etc.


Space Mammy

  • Length: 150 meters
  • Hull Width: About 60 meters
  • Main Wing Width: About 120 meters
  • Height: About 50 meters
  • Maximum Cursing Speed: Mach 3
  • Passengers for Lightspeed mode: 6 people

Space Mammy was originally a space mother ship but was modified for UGM. The Space Mammy has deadly Laser Missiles and rocket launchers for defense and also reduces travel to Mars to only 6 months.



  • UGM seems to be the Showa equivalent to GUYS as all of the members have knowledge of the past monsters.
    • UGM also inspired GUYS.
  • UGM is the first attack team to have affiliations with a another different attack team (UNDA - United Nations Defense Army)
    • One of UNDA's generals became a minor antagonist in episode 22 by being paranoid about the Underground Men attacking the Earth so the general shot some UGM and UNDA members to launch the missile causing Gomora to appear.
  • Parts of the UGM base where taken at the Tokyo University Of Pharmacy And Life Science School Of Pharmacy one episode even shows students of that school in the background.
  • Formation Yamato was a plane tactic used on the Silver Gull that was invented by Takeshi Yamato to stop Salamandora.
  • Takeshi Yamato and Captain Ooyama are the only characters that do not change positions in the series.
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