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Tyrasaurus (ティラザウルス Tirazaurusu) is a Kaiju introduced in the series, Fireman.

Subtitle: Flying Monster (フライング怪獣 Furaingu kaijū)



Generation I

A space anomaly was detected by the Scientific Attack Force in Earth's orbit that required Misaki and Mariko to investigate. Upon arrival they saw a giant rose in the middle of space. While they were hypnotized by this rose their vehicle accidentally impaled itself into the belly of Tyrasaurus. The sheer amount of radiation eroded the armor and paint, forcing Misaki to turn into Fireman to get Mariko to safety back on Earth. Tyrasaurus soon arrived on Earth, still wounded by the impalement. Its master, Alien Barogu, was uncaring in his monster's time of suffering as he held the Scientific Attack Force and a scientist at gunpoint. Alien Barogu than proclaimed that he would use Tyrasaurus as a giant bomb and proceeded to have it forced into a nearby mountain while his saucer arrived for his escape. However, a combination of a rock slide and damaged controls foiled this plan.

Tyrasaurus proceeded to go on a rampage on the nearby ruins, nearly burying everyone there alive. Before long Misaki turned into Fireman before he could be killed by the monster's rampage by falling debris. Fireman noticed how crazed Tyrasaurus was as it threw rocks and completely ignored him. The two then faced each other, Tyrasaurus sat down while Fireman used a karate chop on its head to knock it out. Alien Barogu attempted to kill Fireman via cannons from his saucer only for the hero to retaliate and destroy him via Fire Flash. As Tyrasaurus lied dead Fireman lifted its body and flew it into outer space.

Generation II

A second Tyrasaurus was seen fighting the much larger Lanosaurus before being impaled by the larger Kaiju's horn in the gut, then eaten.


  • Tyrasaurus's roar is the same of that of Jiger 's from Gamera vs. Jiger .
  • Tyrasurus is nicknamed by the alien as "Taro".


  • Height: 56 m
  • Weight: 41,000 t
  • Origin: Planet Barogu (Mummy from Earth)
Powers and Weapons
  • Radioactive Emission: Tyrasaurus can emit radioactive energy.
  • Flight: Tyrasaurus can fly at Mach 3.


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