Tyrannosaurus Rex was the primary villian in the Tsuburaya collaberation with Bass and Rankin, The Last Dinosaur.


The Last Dinosaur

When an egotistical hunter wanted to hunt the most dangerous game, he got it. Traveling to the Artic, he encountered the massive Tyrannosaurus Rex, much bigger than his fossilized counterparts. The T-rex hunted him and his crew down. Apon a return hunt, the T-rex seemed to be waiting, and even stole the only means of escape, the Polar Borer. After killing the hunter's best friend and 'one of the most brilliant men in the world', the saurian fought a giant triceratops.

As the stakes where raised, the hunter created a giant catapault which almost crushed the tyrannosaur's head. After this failed, the T-rex destroyed the catapault, and with the Polar Bore recovered, two team mates traveled back to civilization while the hunter and his new cavewoman friend, remained to hunt the tyrant king down.



  • Height: 35 m
  • Weight: 8,000 t
Powers and Weapons
  • Massive Jaws: Like a normal Tyrannosaurus, the Giant T-Rex has massive jaws and jagged teeth meant for destroying his prey.
  • Resistance: T-Rex had remarkable endurance, being able to bear the pain caused by a wood spear, and removing it, and even a Giant Triceratops' horns.
  • Cunning: The T-Rex was also intelligent enough to steal the Polar Boar, so his prey would have no chance to escape from the valley and hiding it in his own territory. He also seemed to be somewhat curious.
  • Whip​ Tail: His tail could be used as a powerful whip to hurt and scatter his enemies.


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