Two Giant Monsters Attack Tokyo (二大怪獣東京を襲撃 Nidai Kaiju Toukyou O Shugeki) is the fifth episode of Return of Ultraman. This episode and episode 6 were released theatrically at the summer champion film festival on July 24, 1971 alongside Godzilla vs. Hedorah.


Three boys just out of school run across an unusual rock-like shell that falls off a truck at a construction site. Naturally, they believe it to be some sort of fossilized monster egg (from 'the Jurassic Era', as one kid puts it). Shortly thereafter a burrowing creature emerges from the side of a mountain near the building site. MAT is on the scene but fails to obliterate the beast with bombs after Go sees a little girl on the ground nearby. This refusal to follow orders gets Go placed under house arrest for three days. Meanwhile, a second creature appears, and a battle ensues between both monsters and Ultraman.





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Return of Ultraman Vol.2 Episodes 5-8.

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