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The Two-Dimensional People (二次元人 Ni Jigen Jin) were an unseen alien race that appeared in Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire. Mirror Knight was revealed to be a member of this race, but was slightly different because he was half Esmeraldan.


Ultraman Zero The Movie: Super Deciding Fight! The Belial Galactic Empire

The Two-Dimensional People were a peaceful race that maintained a diplomatic relationship with Planet Esmeralda and its citizens. However, after Belial and his army invaded and captured Planet Esmeralda, its protector Mirror Knight fell into seclusion for his failure after being infected with Belial's Belial Virus. Given the nature of their pacifistic values, the people of the Planet of Mirrors were forced to remain neutral and not interfere with the Kaiser and his affairs, but not before sending away their naval fleet into hiding in order to disguise themselves as a simple interstellar nation that was minding its own business, and therefore would not be a target for the Belial Galactic Empire.

Mirror Knight defending the Planet of Mirrors

Later on, Jean-Bird, Emerana, Ultraman Zero (in possession of Run) and Nao journeyed to the Planet of Mirrors to search the Shield of Baradhi. They encountered a self-loathing Mirror Knight that had driven guilt induced isolation out of his failure to protect the Planet Esmeralda, while also under the influence of Belial's virus. Ultraman Zero transformed for a second time and proceeded to battle with the corrupted Mirror Knight and in the process, expelled the evil energy from within the giant, restoring him back to his senses. Redeemed and grateful, Mirror Knight joined the heroes in their journey and informed them of the Shield of Baradhi's location below the planet's surface. Suddenly General Iaron and his forces attacked the planet. While Mirror Knight held off Iaron and his forces, Zero, Emerana and Nao found the statue of Noa and when Nao inserted a fragment of the Shield of Baradhi, hoping to secure the power, the shield crumbled. Mirror Knight's efforts were ultimately futile when Iaron unleashed his Iaron Sonic, allowing Iaron and his forces to destroyed it.

During Ultraman Zero and his friends' rebellion against Belial, the dimensional people finally took part in the battle with their fleet alongside the Esmeralda royal guards and the Pirates of Flame and even donated their light to revive Zero and enable him to acquire the Shield of Baraji to battle Arch Belial and defeat the dictator for good.


  • Voice actor: Noboyuki Ishida


Powers and Weapons
  • Reflection Manipulation: As demonstrated by Mirror Knight, the Two-Dimensional People can manipulate or control the science of reflections.
  • Warships: The people of Planet Mirrors possessed emerald colored ships used for interstellar warfare, shaped of mirror shards. However, they rarely seen in battle due to their pacifist nature.
    • Lasers: The main weapon of the ships.
    • Defensive mirrors: defensive technique where the space fighters put up a powerful and wide barrier to defend against attacks.
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