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"Thank you, Ultraman."
"Thank you, Hirano. Because you were there for me, I managed not to lose my heart. Now I'm ready to go to where Chie is. Thank you, Hirano.

―Kondo's last words before passing on to the after-life.

Tsuchikera (ツチケラ Tsuchikera) is a Kaijin introduced in the Ultraman Gaia series in episode 39. He was originally a Pacific War scientist named Kondo (近藤), who was injected with artificial bacteria and transformed into a monster.

Subtitle: Mud Phantom (泥怪人 Doro kaijin)


Ultraman Gaia

Kondo was the single father of a little girl named Chie, and best friends with a man named Hirano. Both of the men were scientist in the days of the Pacific War, and along with Japan's Military Research Unit, they accidentally created an artificial bacteria. However Kondo was apposed to using the bacteria for any reason as its effects were irreversible, in which a group of soldiers raided the lab and took Kondo. So the Unit's superior officers had Kondo be the Unit's first test subject. After being injected, Kondo transformed into a monster and attacked the soldiers. He hid himself in the Ren Village swamp for years as his friend, Hirano brought his daughter, Chie, to play by the swamp every day, so Kondo could watch her grow from afar. Sadly, Chie died in an air-raid, leaving Kondo with nothing. However Hirano always return to visit Kondo, and would play a melody from a music box, which was a gift that Kondo was supposed to give to Chie to calm him.

In the present era, when the now old Hirano was about to be attacked by two thugs while he was playing his music box, Kondo, now known as Tsuchikera saved him by dragging one of the thugs to the lake and devouring him. Later, Gamu and two police officers were sent to investigate the swamp, searching for the previous thugs. Acknowledging both cops as hostile, Tsuchikera unleashed his tentacle to drag one of them to his death, but stopped after Hirano played his music box. XIG sent their research team to the lake to do further investigations. To make things worse, toxic wastes beneath the lake, which originated from the Ground Penetration Missile that was used to kill Tigris, began to increase, causing Tsuchikera to absorb all of it and grew into a mindless rampant. Ultraman Gaia appeared during the sunset and attacked Tsuchikera with all of his might. Remembering the monster was a human victim of an inhumane act, Gaia SV used his Gaia Healing to turn him into light particles, ending Tsuchikera's threat in a painless way. Before Tsuchikera disappeared, a normal Kondo reappeared in his spirit form to communicate with his old friend Hirano, thanking him for his dedication to him and his family.


  • Suit actor: Eiji Mori
  • Kondo was played by Hiroyuki Okano
  • Tsuchikera's backstory is similar to Jamila, both being humans until humanity turned its back on them, turning them into monsters.
    • Powered Jamila retained part of his old personality, similar to how Tsuchikera still remembered his daughter after hearing a music box.
  • Tsuchikera's appearance resembles Mozui from the previous series Ultraman Dyna, to the point that he was seen gazing from his lake, mirroring Mozui in his first appearance.


Tsuchikera Tsuchikera.png

  • Height: 2.2 ~ 53 m
  • Weight: 440 kg ~ 48,000 t
  • Origin: Laboratory during the Pacific War, later took residence in Ren Village swamp
Powers and Weapons
  • Thick Hide: Tsuchikera's skin had a durable layer of protection that enable him to resist bullet shots.
  • Adept Swimmer: Tsuchikera can adapt himself in an underwater surroundings, as he used it to hide in a swamp lake for years.
  • Tentacle Claws: Tsuchikera's claws can be extended into tentacles to capture enemies or used in a manner of a whip.
  • Toxic Absorption: By absorbing toxic waste, Tsuchikera can grew into his giant size.




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