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Triple Fighter (トリプルファイター, Toripuru Faitā) was a series created by Tsuburaya Productions. The first episode aired on July 3rd, 1972 and the last on December 29 of the same year. The heroes fight human-sized kaijin instead of Daikaiju like most of Tsuburaya's other works. 26 episodes were made in total, but were aired in five parts making 130 mini-episodes.


An evil race from Planet Devil wiped out the population of Planet M except for three siblings who escaped to Earth. They were Tetsuo/Green Fighter, Yuji/Red Fighter and Yuri/Orange Fighter. They had the ability to merge into a hero called Triple Fighter. Together they prevent the Alien Devil from conquering the Earth.


  1. Go! Glorious Fighters
  2. Triple Fighter Escape Case!
  3. Killing Machine No. X14
  4. Triple Fighter's Close Call
  5. Hypnosis Gun AZ Strategy!
  6. Smash the Demon's 9.8 Strategy!
  7. Not a Peaceful Day For SAT!
  8. Fight! Orange Fighter
  9. Green Fighter Response Case!!
  10. Headquarters Emergency Command! Woman From Paris
  11. Bacteria Bomb of Fear!
  12. Confrontation in the Thrill House!
  13. The Lonely Kelly
  14. Secret Command! Erase the Demon Spy
  15. Deadly Wink From The Eye of Horror!
  16. Japanese Archipelago Raiding Strategy
  17. Command to Blow Up SAT Base!
  18. Tearing the Voice from the Darkness!!
  19. 5 Seconds Before the Battle With a Tsunami!
  20. Go! Orange Fighter Opens the Mind's Eye
  21. Large Tornado of Revenge!
  22. The Return of Doctor Gas
  23. No. 1001 Assassination Strategy
  24. Hear the Song of Hell
  25. Peace Warrior No. S26!
  26. Goodbye Triple Fighter




  • Tetsuo Hayase
  • Yuji Hayase
  • Yuri Hayase
  • Bullkon
  • Atsushi Ono
  • Kelly Iwasaki



  • Tetsuo Hayase (早瀬 哲夫, Hayase Tetsuo): Hiroshi Takizawa (滝沢 浩, Takizawa Hiroshi)
  • Yuji Hayase (早瀬 勇二, Hayase Yūji): Kozaburo Onogawa (小野川 公三郎, Onogawa Kōzaburō)
  • Yuri Hayase (早瀬 ユリ, Hayase Yuri): Miyami Fue (笛 真弓, Fue Mayumi)
  • Atsushi Ono (大野 あつし, Ōno Atsushi): Hideto Ishii (石井 秀人, Ishii Hideto)

Voice Actors[]

  • Bullkon (ブルコン, Burukon): Katsumi Ishiyama (石山 克己, Ishiyama Katsumi)
  • Kaijin (怪人):
    • Shigeru Tsuji (辻 しげる, Tsuji Shigeru)
    • Yuji Ueda (上田 侑嗣, Ueda Yūji)
  • Demon (デーモン, Dēmon): Masayuki Takeda (武田 昌之, Takeda Masayuki)
  • Narrator (ナレーター, Narētā): Ichiro Murakoshi (村越 伊知郎, Murakoshi Ichirō)

Suit Actors[]

  • Green Fighter (グリーンファイター, Gurīn Faitā): Tadashi Ogawara (荻原 紀, Ogawara Tadashi)
  • Red Fighter (レッドファイター, Reddo Faitā): Shoji Tochi (戸知 章二, Tochi Shōji)
  • Orange Fighter (オレンジファイター, Orenji Faitā): Kunihide Kuruma (車 邦秀, Kuruma Kunihide)
  • Triple Fighter (トリプルファイター, Toripuru Faitā): Shoichi Yoshinaka (吉中 正一, Yoshinaka Shōichi)
  • Kaijin (怪人):
    • Ikuo Kosaka (小坂 生男, Kosaka Ikuo)
    • Tetsuo Kubota (久保田 鉄男, Kubota Tetsuo)


Opening Theme
  • Triple Fighter no Uta (トリプルファイターのうた, Toripuru Faitā no Uta, lit. "Song of Triple Fighter")

Home Media[]

Triple Fighter was first released on LaserDisc on August 25, 1993. On June 28, 2005, a shokugan line featuring DVDs of various tokusatsu heroes was released, one of which was of footage of the series.[1] A DVD box set was released on February 14, 2007.


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