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"It wasn't just three Giants of Darkness who fought Yuzare?! [...] That giant's name is... Trigger!"

Akito Hijiri, Wavering Heart.

Trigger Dark (トリガーダーク Torigā Dāku)[4] is one of the Giants of Darkness that appears in Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga. This was once Ultraman Trigger's original form before he turned to the light, and later became a separate entity in the present day.


  • Dark Champion (暗黒勇士 Ankoku Yūshi)
  • Vilest Evilest Warrior (最凶最悪の戦士 Saikyō Saiaku no Senshi)[5]


Prior to Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga being heavily revised into a series that celebrates Ultraman Tiga's 25th anniversary, Ignis' corresponding Ultraman is meant to be a foil towards Hudram. Trigger Dark's appearance was originally two episodes, but under the wish of Bandai, he was made into a recurring character to release Ultraman Trigger's enhanced form earlier than the intended schedule. When Glitter Trigger Eternity debuted, Trigger Dark is then reworked into a rival character by bonding with Ignis for the second half of the series.

Befitting Trigger's past as a Giant of Darkness, Trigger Dark is based on Ultrraman Tiga's past as Tiga Dark.[6] Director Koichi Sakamoto envisions Trigger Dark as a mid-boss character, hence the idea to implement the design of Zeluganoid from Ultraman Dyna.


The term "Trigger Dark" was originally referring to the dark Ultra during real-life merchandise registration. In-universe, he was originally named as "Trigger" by his fellow Giants of Darkness prior to his defection, and once he diverged from his original self, he gains the moniker Trigger Dark from both Ignis and GUTS-Select captain Seiya Tatsumi. On the other hand, he is also called as "the Trigger of darkness" (闇のトリガー Yami no Torigā) by several members of GUTS-Select.


Shoma Muto designed Trigger Dark based on both Tiga Dark and Zeluganoid, which is reflected in his warped and asymmetrical appearance, as well as the half-exposed Protector and the protrusions on his shoulders and back. Additionally, the spikes on his back were based on Lucifer's wings, as Muto had interpreted that "if Ultraman is an angel, then Trigger Dark should be a fallen angel".[6]

Shoma Muto has denied having a hand in designing the dark Ultra's alternate face when accessing the Kaiju Keys,[7] but nevertheless accepts it as a surprising addition.[8] The alternate face is designed by Tomonobu Koshi after using the Mask Collection head figurine for Ultraman Tiga as a basis.[6] Trigger Dark's use of Horoboros and Zaigorg's powers are foils to Trigger's Type Changes; Horoboros' blue color and speed counters Sky Type while Zaigorg's red color and brutish strength counters Power Type. In addition, he stated that the reason why Trigger Dark's face transforms upon using a Kaiju Key is to emulate the image of a monster.[9]


The original Trigger Dark was presented as a stoic and emotionally subdued individual, which heavily contrasts his teammates' sense of enjoyment in the battlefield. Despite being the target of Carmeara's affection, Trigger shows no signs of reciprocating her feelings and only obeys her instructions without questions. The Encounter of Light and Darkness

During his resurrection in the present day, Trigger Dark is presented as a berserker who is driven to attack everything on sight, friend and foe alike, to the point of refusing assistance from his former friend Darrgon in against his heroic self. The 30-Million-Year Miracle Even after merging with Ignis, Trigger Dark refuses to give his host control over his body and feeds on the former's hatred against Hudram to empower his berserker tendencies even further.[2]



Trigger Dark and the Giants of Darkness.

Trigger Dark was once one of the Giants of Darkness who destroyed the Ultra-Ancient Civilization, and was recorded on a hidden part the stone tablet. Wavering Heart He and the other Giants of Darkness captured Yuzare and took her to an altar to open the gate to the Eternity Core. Under Carmeara's instruction, Trigger Dark was the first of the Giants of Darkness to approach the object. Before he could do anything to it, Kengo Manaka, who had traveled back in time through a vortex, entered Trigger's Inner Space and attempted to convince him to turn to the light and fight for everyone's smiles. Instead, Trigger Dark attacked Kengo. The Encounter of Light and Darkness Eventually, Kengo managed to reach Trigger's heart, and found out that he and Trigger are one and the same. They became one and Trigger Dark turned from the darkness, becoming Ultraman Trigger Multi Type, who defeated the Giants of Darkness with help from Yuzare and the Eternity Core. He pushed his opponents into space while they turned into stone, with Trigger's own petrified remains landing on Mars and thus completing the time loop that started all these events.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Trigger Dark and Ultraman Trigger in the present day.

In the present day, Trigger Dark frequently appeared within Kengo's recurrent dream, in which Yuzare gave the young man a cryptic message, before Trigger Dark would appear, shrouded in shadows. Connection of Light In one instance, Kengo dreamed himself into the Ultra-Ancient era, witnessing the Giants of Darkness destroying the ancient civilizations from Trigger Dark's perspective. For Smiles Trigger Dark returned in the present day when Carmeara performed her Curse of Darkness on Ultraman Trigger to remove his light, returning him to his original form. Trigger Dark went on a rampage, destroying everything around him until Kengo returned from the past and transformed into Ultraman Trigger, fighting against him and the other three Giants of Darkness. By this point, Trigger Dark has started to exist as a separate entity who was driven mad into attacking both friend and foe alike.

Trigger Dark destroyed by Glitter Trigger Eternity.

Eventually, Trigger defeated his doppelganger with Eternity Zerades. The dark giant was reduced to dark essence which Ignis absorbed after the battle. The 30-Million-Year Miracle

Ignis, overhearing Ribut's advice to Kengo about unleashing his inner power, did so himself and turned the prototype GUTS Sparklence and a GUTS Hyper Key into the Black Sparklence and a Trigger Dark Key. He then used his new devices to transform into Trigger Dark. Operation Dragon However, he is unable to control the darkness and went on a rampage as a result, fighting against Ultraman Trigger. In his rampage, Ignis also used the powers of the Kaiju Keys he stole, but had run out of energy and disappeared. Their battle uncovered the Metsu-Orga egg lying around nearby.

Still eager for revenge against Hudram, Ignis confronted him and used Trigger Dark's powers once again, fighting against him and Ultraman Trigger, but was still unable to control Trigger Dark. Hudram took the chance to unleash Metsu-Orga on them and flee. Trigger Dark fought until he was defeated by Metsu-Orga's evolved form, Metsu-Orochi. Trigger Dark took control of Ignis once more when he heard the screams of people, reminding Ignis of his past and forcing him to transform. In a fierce battle against Trigger, Metsu-Orga and Carmeara, Trigger Dark took hold of the Circle Arms and attempted to strike Carmeara only to be shot out of the sky. Ignis was then detained by GUTS-Select and had his transformation items confiscated. Sneering Destruction

Trigger and Trigger Dark team up.

Trigger Dark returned after Akito gave Ignis back the Black Sparklence, since Kengo was trapped in Aboras' foam and the rest of GUTS-Select's firepower was failing. Akito made a few modifications to the Black Sparklence to prevent Trigger Dark from rampaging again, allowing Ignis to free Kengo using Banila's flames to clear the foam. Trigger Dark and Ultraman Trigger then teamed up to defeat the two monsters. However, after the battle, Ignis captured Yuna and disappeared. Demons Rampage Again

Trigger Dark's final battle with Hudram.

After managing to reach the Eternity Core, Ignis, using Trigger Dark's power, had one final battle against Hudram. They fought with Trigger Dark being at a disadvantage until Trigger brought Mecha Musashin's katana to Trigger Dark, allowing him to fight with Hudram evenly. Unable to accept that his friends' support made Ignis stronger, Hudram then targeted Akito, Yuna and Kengo for cheering Ignis on, who then shielded them and endured Hudram's attacks. Kengo then gave the Glitter Trigger Eternity Key to Trigger Dark, who blasted Hudram away. Despite having the chance to use the Eternity Core's power for himself, Ignis chose not to and turned away. He and GUTS-Select then parted ways on good terms. Last Game

Trigger and Trigger Dark face Megalothor

When Carmeara used the energy of the Eternity Core to transform into Megalothor, Ignis transformed into Trigger Dark again to come to Trigger and GUTS-Select's rescue, aiding Trigger in fending off Megalothor long enough for GUTS-Select to escape. Together, the two Ultras seemingly defeated Megalothor, but Carmeara had survived, and began absorbing and releasing vast quantities of darkness to transform into Megalothor's second form. Aware that the darkness had the power to infect him and Trigger Dark, Ignis quickly reverted back to normal. Later, after Kengo revealed his identity as Trigger to the rest of GUTS-Select, he and Ignis transformed into Trigger and Trigger Dark once more to confront Carmeara for the final battle. The Ruler of Shadows However, their combined powers were not enough to defeat Megalothor now that it had evolved into its second form, and both Ultras were forced to retreat.

Soon, it was concluded that a power equal to Megalothor's was needed in order to defeat it, and that meant the mixing of light and dark energies which Trigger could achieve if Ignis gave Kengo the dark power back. Agreeing with the plan, Ignis gave Trigger Dark's power to Kengo to create the Trigger Truth Key, which allowed Kengo to transform into Trigger Truth, who fought Megalothor and defeated it with the help of GUTS-Select. After the battle was over, Trigger Dark's powers were returned to Ignis, who left Earth after the battle to search for another way to revive Lishuria. To the Ones Who Believe in Smiles / Pull the Trigger

Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z

Trigger Dark returns when Zabil transformed into Evil Trigger and Ultraman Z was controlled by Celebro. Ignis was forced to fight the both of them at once until Kengo and Akito managed to reclaim the GUTS Sparklence and Hyper Keys that Zabil stole from him, transforming into Ultraman Trigger. They fought against the other two Ultras until Kengo helped Haruki Natsukawa expel Celebro from within himself, regaining control. The three of then then ganged up on Evil Trigger, who was going mad with his obsession with the "light".

Trigger Dark and Z then fought Destrudos, who was summoned by Celebro, but were starting to get overwhelmed until Yuna gave Trigger a fragment of the Eternity Core at the cost of Yuzare's ring and the Eternity Core's ruins itself but allowed Trigger to become Glitter Trigger Eternity. Trigger Dark and Z fire their finishers at Destrudos and finished it off before helping Trigger fight Evil Trigger, who had grown to giant size because of the overflowing darkness within him. After a short fight, the three of them fired their signature Ultra Beams at Evil Trigger, who shattered into pieces. Ultraman Trigger: Episode Z



  • Height: 53 m[4]
  • Weight: 44,000 t[4]

Body Features

  • Color Timer: Trigger Dark's Color Timer is diamond-shaped. Being a Giant of Darkness, Trigger Dark isn't bound to the three minute rule, with his Color Timer only blinking if he sustains significant injuries in battle.
  • Light Crystal: A glowing crystal on his forehead.


"Stain the future, the deep darkness! Trigger Dark!"

―Transformation phrase for Trigger Dark

Ignis converts the Black Sparklence into its Sparklence mode, loads it with the Trigger Dark GUTS Hyper Key, and by pulling the trigger with the device held skywards he transforms into Trigger Dark.


  • Size Change: Trigger Dark is able to adjust his size whatever he wants, such as changing into a gigantic size at his own will.
  • Teleportation: Trigger Dark can teleport by shrouding his figure with darkness to cover his escape.
  • Inter-Compatibility: Since Trigger Dark was originally part of Ultraman Trigger, both Ultras are compatible with each others' powers, either by donating to the other half or combining into Trigger Truth.



  • Dark Zeperion Beam (ダークゼペリオン光線 Dāku Zeperion Kōsen)[4]: A dark red beam fired from Trigger Dark's arms arranged in the L-style.[10] A more powerful version can be fired if Ignis uses the Glitter Trigger Eternity Key to combine the powers of darkness and light.
  • Dark Hand Slash: A small bolt of energy fired from Trigger Dark's hand.
  • Dark Lightning: Trigger Dark emits black bolts of electricity from his body in all directions.


  • Dark Punch: A punch attack with his hand coated in dark energy.


  • Kaiju Key Powers: Ignis loads the Black Sparklence with a Kaiju Key, allowing Trigger Dark to use its powers. When doing so, Trigger Dark's face changes into one resembling opened mandibles with visible fangs.
    • Lightning (ライトニング Raitoningu): Through the Horoboros Key, Trigger Dark's speed increases while electricity sparks from his whole body.
    • Impact (インパクト Inpakuto): Through the Zaigorg Key, spikes of energy emerge from Trigger Dark's whole body, impaling everything around him.
  • Barrier: Trigger Dark erects a circular barrier in front of him to block attacks.
  • Lishurian Energy Empowerment: Thanks to Ignis being his host, Trigger Dark is able to harness the energy of Lishurian, covering his body with yellowish energy hue. Prior to doing so, his face also exert the Lishurian tattoo that Ignis demonstrates whenever he gets excited.[11]
  • Purifying Wave: A wave of light unleashed from Trigger Dark's palm. It can neutralize harmful substances.


  • Double Zeperion Beam: Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark fire Zeperion Beams at the same time.
    • Triple Ultra Beam: Glitter Trigger Eternity and Trigger Dark fire their Zeperion Beams alongside Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw firing his Zestium Beam, merging together into a powerful ray that even defeated a giant-sized Evil Trigger.


  • Circle Arms (サークルアームズ Sākuru Āmuzu): Trigger Dark can use the Circle Arms if he manages to get a hold of it. So far, the only form he chooses to use is the Multi Sword (マルチソード Maruchi Sōdo).
    • Impact Sword Finish (インパクトソードフィニッシュ Inpakuto Sōdo Finisshu): After inserting the Zaigorg Key, red energy is emitted and the Multi Sword's blade becomes spiked before Trigger Dark rushes to strike his target.
  • Musashin Sword (ムサシンソード Musashin Sōdo): After Trigger defeated Mecha Musashin, he presented Trigger Dark with the robot warrior's sword, which he used in combat against Hudram.


Italicized items are exclusives.

Ultra Hero Series

Ultraman Trigger Dark Spark Dolls.jpg
  • Trigger Dark (2021)
    • Release Date: October 02, 2021
    • ID Number: 83
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660698821
    • Price: 600 yen
    • Materials: PVC
Ultra Hero Series Trigger Dark is a 13-cm soft vinyl figure that features 3 points of articulation on the arms and waist. Molded in primarily gunmetal PVC plastic, he features primarily bronze, black, and some yellow and two different shades of light blue paint.

  • Trigger Dark (Kengo's Dream Ver.) (2021)
    • Release Date: December 3, 2021
    • Materials: PVC
Released exclusively for Bandai Namco's crane games, This redeco of the UHS Trigger Dark is molded in light gray PVC plastic with red sprays to represent his appearance in Kengo's nightmares.

  • Ultraman Trigger Special Set (2021)
    • Release Date: December 18, 2021
    • Price: 2,640 yen
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660723912
    • Materials: PVC
The Yamada Denki exclusive box set comes with a translucent redeco of UHS Trigger Dark.

  • Trigger Dark (Special Color Ver.) (2021)
    • Release Date: December 25, 2021 - January 4, 2022
    • Price: 700 yen
    • Materials: PVC
Released exclusively for the ULTRA HEROES EXPO (2022) event, this UHS Trigger Dark is another translucent redeco of the titular mold, now featuring a darker translucent grey soft vinyl plastic. While he shares an identical paint mask with the one included in the Yamada Denki exclusive Ultraman Trigger Special Set, the paint operations on his neck and lower legs were omitted.

Ultra Action Figure

Ultra Action Figure Ultraman Trigger Dark.jpg
  • Trigger Dark (2021)
    • Release Date: October 09, 2021
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660698807
    • Price: 2,200 yen
    • Materials: PVC, ABS, POM
Ultra Action Figure Trigger Dark is a 15 cm-tall action figure with 18 points of articulation akin to Bandai's other action figure lines such as Kamen Rider's "Souchaku Henshin".
As with most UAFs, Trigger Dark's rear paint operations are mostly omitted. Also, due to the design aesthetic, the horizontal articulation on Trigger Dark's limbs is mostly limited.

Eiyuu Yuuzou (Hero's Brave Statue Figure)

  • Trigger Dark (Ver. A) (2022)
  • Trigger Dark (Ver. B) (2022)
    • Release Date: Janaury 7, 2022
    • Materials: PVC
Two different versions of Trigger Dark, in normal and sparkly smoke grey deco, is available for the Hero's Brave Statue Figure line.


  • CONVERGE MOTION Ultraman 2 (2022)
    • Release Date: March 2022
    • JAN/ISBN: 4549660736929
    • Price: 550 yen per box
    • Materials: PVC
Released as part of the 2nd assortment for the CONVERGE MOTION Ultraman line, this Trigger Dark is an SD Figure.

S.H. Figuarts

  • Trigger Dark (2022)
    • Release Date: June 2022
    • Price: 7,480 yen
    • Materials: PVC, ABS
    • Accessories: 4 additional pairs of hands, weapon-holding right hand (Trigger Dark), 1 pair of weapon-holding hands (Trigger), Circle Arms (Multi Sword)
S.H.Figuarts Trigger Dark is a 15-cm collectible action figure, featuring more than 18 points of articulation. Aside from his pairs of hands, Trigger Dark also comes with the Circle Arms accessory in its Multi Sword Mode, which can be wielded by either him (as a reference to Raging Feast) or the separately-sold SHF Ultraman Trigger Multi Type (complete with included hand part).
Trigger Dark is released as a Tamashii Webshop exclusive, and it can be ordered between ??? from 16:00JST until the ??? at 13:00JST, and the product will be shipped this June 2022.


  • In Zabil's Ultra Ancient Stone Tablet, Trigger Dark is depicted as a semi-feathered being rising from an explosion. His caricature is also the only one out of his fellow Giants of Darkness not to be based on an Earth creature.
  • Carmeara refuses to acknowledge the diverged Trigger Dark as her past lover and calls him as an "impostor", seeing the being is no more than Trigger's dark powers given sentience while the original one had since changed sides.
  • His bonding with Ignis and the latter initially lacking control over an Ultra that went berserk parallels Keigo Masaki's situation with Evil Tiga. This is acknowledged by Deban after drawing their similarities. Blooming Flowers of Evil
  • Given that Trigger is part of Kengo, it is implied that Trigger Dark's rampage after being awoken in the present day is his dark power no longer being driven by the Ultra's own spirit.
  • Trigger Dark is the third Evil Ultra to have his own rising background, which is a rare trait for Evil Ultras. First one being Dark Mephisto, and the next one being Ultraman Orb Dark.
  • When Trigger Dark taps into Ignis' Lishurian power, his body turned gold in a similar manner to Glitter Tiga. Koshi unofficially dubs this form as Lishurian Glitter (リシュリアン グリッター Rishurian Gurittā). Additionally even with that power and the combination of two Kaiju Keys, Trigger Dark still fails to deliver a deadly blow to Carmeara. This is intentional so as to demonstrate Carmeara as a stronger threat.[11]
    • The sound of the impact the Zaigorg power makes is actually a slightly slowed down Jet Jaguar sound.
  • Trigger Dark's mouth-opening mechanism appears to be a homage to Crossbone Gundam X1's Heat Radiation Face Open. Given that the episodes which these instances happen were directed by Tomonobu Koshi (who also inserted mecha anime references in Ultraman Z), this may not be a coincidence.


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