Tregear (トレギア Toregia) is the second episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Hiroyuki reunites with his small monster, Chibisuke. What was the auction of monster weapons among aliens and the shadows behind them?



When Hiroyuki was a child, he had sympathy for a small monster, Chibisuke. However, the last thing he remembered was Chibisuke being taken away by aliens.

Time went by, the grown-up Hiroyuki and Chibisuke meet again in a surprising way. Monster weapon auction is held among aliens, and there's also the shadow of darkness lurking behind. Will Hiroyuki and Taiga be able to rescue Chibisuke?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama 2

Remembering the Future - Part 2 (未来の思い出 後編 Mirai no Omoide Kōhen)

Taiga and Filis continue to talk about Mebius, who Taiga has heard much of during his training days. Filis tells him that when Mebius first returned from Earth, he was bothered by something, which was probably the difference in lifespan between humans and Ultras, meaning Mebius' friends would pass away a lot earlier than he would. Filis then reveals to Taiga that the Triger Shot came to the Land of Light after being sent by Mebius' friends through the use of METEOR technology, despite the Land of Light being 3 million light years away.

Filis opens up the capsule containing the Triger Shot and explains that in addition to being a gun, it also comes with voice messages, though they are distorted and cut. Filis tells Taiga that he was like Mebius, who had been entrusted to protect the Earth in place of the Ultra Brothers. Taiga feels encouraged by Filis' words, and leaves to go on with his training.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Inspector Sakura (佐倉警部 Sakura-keibu): Shingo Kazami (風見 しんご Kazami Shingo)
  • Harbor Worker: Sato Zanzu
  • Girl in Park: Saki Suzuki

Suit Actors



Ultra Heroes

Evil Ultras



  • The chocolate company and products used throughout the episode are lebelled Choco Rikka (チョコリッカ Choko Rikka) as a reference to Rikka Takarada from SSSS.GRIDMAN, as confirmed in the Ultraman Taiga Super Complete Works book.
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