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A Transformation Item (変身アイテム Henshin Aitemu) is a device a human or Ultra in human form uses to transform into an Ultra. Some other tokusatsu heroes have their own transformation devices as well, as they are a staple in the genre having been popularized by the Ultraman Series itself.

Basic Characteristics

Generally they are pieces of technology from the Land of Light, such as the Beta Capsule or the Ultra Eye, or from the Ultra's home world. The form of the devices vary for each Ultra, from a pair of glasses to a badge, several take the form of bracers and bracelets that appear at will. The most common form is that of a stick, a throw-back to the original Beta Capsule.

Not all transformation items are presented as being inherently pieces of technology, even if logically they are, some of them like the Evoltruster, Mebius Brace and Knight Brace are seemingly mystical in nature, with more abilities than their default use. The Knight Brace, being the creation of Ultraman King, is said to have mystical abilities that the Ultras of M78 do not fully understand, the Evoltruster has been used to erect barriers and astrally project the wielder's mind in their Ultra form.

Some transformation items, not all are confirmed, appear to be linked to the state of their Ultras in question. Obviously they stop working when said Ultra is defeated and in need of being revived. In Ultraman Leo, when Ultraseven's leg was broken, his Ultra Eye was also damaged and he could not transform. After the subsequent repair of the item, Seven's leg was healed. In Ultraman Saga, when Ultraman Zero died, his Ultimate Bracelet turned to stone until he was shortly afterwards revived.


In The☆Ultraman, the People of Planet U40 all use the same transformation item, the Beam Flasher. This is theorized to be due to the nature of their powers. Instead of gaining the power of Ultra from mutagenic light rays, the are all connected to a cosmic force called the Ultra Mind.

Ultraman Tiga

In Ultraman Tiga, Tiga and the Giants of Darkness are all stated to use versions of the Sparklence to transform. Both Tiga and Camearra have been shown wielding Sparklence. When Darramb and Hudra transformed without Camearra it was using the same effect for the Black Sparklence's transformation giving credence to this idea. This implies that the ancient giants all used the same transformation device.

Ultraman Nexus

In Ultraman Nexus, all the hosts of Nexus, known as Dunamists, all use the same device to transform: the Evoltruster. The light of the transformation is described as a special energy wave, similar to the Beast Wave Signal generated by active Space Beasts. To an outside view it appears as a burst of light and particles enveloping the Dunamist, growing larger and then disappearing to reveal Nexus. The only other transformation device seen the Darkevolver, also generates a similar energy field.

Ultraman Story 0

In this manga, all transformation items were created by embedding Plasma Ore into an object. Plasma Ore is a substance heavily irradiated by the power of the Plasma Sun. These devices convert energy into solar energy to power the Ultras transformations back into Ultra form and can come in any form imaginable. They can also be used for more than just transformation. Zoffy used his bracelet to empower his punch and shatter a boulder blocking a well, Taro also used his badge to generate intense light to destroy his surrounding foes before transforming. The devices convert activity into the solar energy needed to take on Ultra Forms but Zoffy has also used his bracelet to fire a beam of energy to take down a monster

List of Transformation Items by User

NOTE: This gallery only lists the main transformation items used by the main hosts/forms of each Ultra. Willpower is not listed here, nor are Power Up Items or Series Collectibles.

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