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Touch ~Theory~ (ことわり~理~ Kotowari ~Ri~) is the ninth episode of Ultraman Orb THE ORIGIN SAGA.


As the blue giant Ultraman Agul arose, he fought against the giant Bezelb while Juggler barged in and tries to take down the monster himself. His recklessness caused him to be thrown aside while Agul finished it. Reverting to Fujimiya, the former is able to understand Juggler's frustration due to their similar background and told him not to fight alone.

After Gai telling his background and relation with Juggler, Gamu assured that both of them would always stay connected and would someday gain mutual understanding. Fujimiya overhears this before introducing himself while Gamu further relate their past relationship to Gai and Juggler. When Shohei sensed Amate's arrival to Earth, Gai transforms into Orb and took off to defend the Suzark from the Bezelb army and infected Birdon and Bemstar. The ship landed safely on Earth as Shohei and Amate finally met each others for the first time in flesh.

Once regroup, the party believed that the Queen is enslaved by Psychi due to her cry being detected by Amate, Shohei and Gai himself though Shinra doubt this as a ploy by the monster ruler. Gai volunteers to go by himself and after dealing with the Bezelb army, he entered Psychi's ship where he met the mad scientist denied of enslaving the monster as their cooperation is genuine. Trapping Gai in an energy containment which block his ability to transform, Psychi further planned to create and rule a world with no free will as there'll be no developments. Juggler burst in and saved Gai from the spaceship before it self destructs with Shinra's bombs.


  • Gai Kurenai (クレナイ・ガイ Kurenai Gai): Hideo Ishiguro (石黒 英雄 Ishiguro Hideo)
  • Jugglus Juggler (ジャグラスジャグラー Jagurasu Jagurā): Takaya Aoyagi (青柳 尊哉 Aoyagi Takaya)
  • Amate (アマテ Amate): Saki Fukuda (福田 沙紀 Fukuda Saki)
  • Ricca (リッカ Rikka): Asuka Shibuya (渋谷 飛鳥 Shibuya Asuka)
  • Shohei Moriwaki (森脇 翔平 Moriwaki Shōhei): Yasuhisa Furuhara (古原 靖久 Furuhara Yasuhisa)
  • Yui Nishioka (西岡 結衣 Nishioka Yui): Karen Miyazaki (宮﨑 香蓮 Miyazaki Karen)
  • Shinra (シンラ Shinra): Yasuyuki Maekawa (前川 泰之 Maekawa Yasuyuki)
  • Raigo (ライゴウ Raigou): Takaaki Enoki (榎木 孝明 Enoki Takaaki)
  • Psychi (サイキ Saiki): Motoya Izumi (和泉 元彌 Izumi Motoya)
  • Gamu Takayama/Ultraman Gaia (高山 我夢/ウルトラマンガイア Takayama Gamu/Urutoraman Gaia): Takeshi Yoshioka (吉岡 毅志 Yoshioka Takeshi)
  • Hiroya Fujimiya/Ultraman Agul (藤宮 博也/ウルトラマンアグル Fujimiya Hiroya/Urutoraman Aguru): Hassei Takano (高野 八誠 Takano Hassei)
  • Yosuke Aoi (青井 洋介 Aoi Yōsuke): Mister Chin (ミスターちん Misutā Chin)
  • Partel (パーテル Pāteru): Riho Iida (飯田里穂 Īda Riho)


  • In the scene right before Agul destroys the Bezelb with his Photon Crusher, the Bezelb's previously destroyed left eye is somehow restored. This may be an error made during filming.
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