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Toru Honda (本田トオル Honda Tōru) is a minor character in Ultraman Geed. He is the second featured Little Star host.


Toru was the boy whom Leito tried to save from a crashing debris from a building but Leito slipped on a banana peel. Fortunately for Toru, an energy barrier was emitted around him which allows him to survive from the assault. This scene was shown by REM to Laiha, Riku and Pega in the Nebula House. As a result, Laiha and Riku went out and find the boy to protect him and keeping him safe from any monster attacks. When Darklops find him, Laiha brought Toru to safely while Riku deal with the robotic replicate.

Toru later witnessed Geed in his Primtive form on a losing battle with three Darklops Zeroes and encouraging Geed/Riku to win the battle as Riku as Geed held his prayers and stand up. Toru's Little Star was delivered to Geed after his determination which allows Geed to access Solid Burning form and destroyed all the Darklops. Toru was happy about Geed winning. Later in the end, Riku meet Toru at a Gashapon Machine.

Toru was briefly seen in episode 5 as a video clip and was mentioned by REM when she was discussing the issue of Little Stars with Pega, Laiha and Riku.

Powers and Weapons

  • Little Star (リトルスター Ritoru Sutā): Toru formerly possess a Little Star. With the Little Star, Toru is able to emit an energy barrier around him to protect him from anything. After praying to Geed, it was transferred to Geed as the Seven Capsule.