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Tokyo Ice Age (東京氷河期 Tōkyō Hyōgaki) is the fourteeth episode of Ultra Q.


At a Tokyo airport, a sudden, mysterious cold wave causes an aircraft to crash and grounds the other planes. A strange black cloud descends on Tokyo and from within it, emerges the monster Peguila. Resting from its journey between the South and North Poles, the monster arrives in the heart of the city, turning the area into an artic landscape. During Peguila's destructive spree, the Daily News offices are damaged in the attack. Yuriko, Editor Seki and a young boy named Haruo become trapped when their car is hurled by Peguila's freezing assault. In the meantime, Jun and Ippei discover a drunken man asleep in their plane. After bringing the man inside, he wakes up and holds the two pilots at gunpoint. Having escaped from the snowed-in vehicle, Haruo makes it to Hoshikawa Airport to ask for Jun's help. The desparate man recognizes the boy as his son and commandeers Jun's Cessna to attack the monster. After picking up a supply of Peguimin H from the Polar Vegetation Research Institute, Haruo's father sacrifices his life by piloting the plane into Peguila and succeeds in driving the monster away from Tokyo.


  • Jun Manjome (万城目淳 Manjome Jun): Kenji Sahara (佐原 健二 Sahara Kenji)
  • Yuriko Edogawa (江戸川由利子 Edogawa Yuriko): Hiroko Sakurai (桜井 浩子 Sakurai Hiroko)
  • Ippei Togawa (戸川一平 Togawa Ippei): Yasuhiko Saijo (西條 康彦 Saijo Yasuhiko)
  • Seki (関デスク Seki desk): Yoshibumi Tajima (田島 義文 Tajima Yoshibumi)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Koji Ishizaka (石坂 浩二 Ishizaka Koji)

Guest Cast

  • Teruo Sawamura (沢村照男 Sawamura Teruo): Masahiko Arima (有馬 昌彦 Arima Masahiko)
  • Haruo Sawamura (沢村治夫 Sawamura Haruo): Hideaki Sato (佐藤 英明 Sato Hideaki)
  • Hideyama (秀山 Hideyama): Reizo Nomoto (野本 礼三 Nomoto Reizo)
  • Controller (管制官 Kanseikan): Hiroyuki Sugi (杉 裕之 Sugi Hiroyuki), Minoru Ito (伊藤 実 Ito Minoru)

Suit Actors

  • Peguila (ペギラ Pegila): Yukihiro Kiyono (清野 幸弘 Kiyono Yukihiro)(Credited by mistake for Hiroyuki Kiyono 清野弘幸)



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 4 features episodes 13-16, & Total Natural Color Blu-Ray Volume 4 features episodes 12-14.
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