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Todola (トドラ Todora) is a walrus-like Kaiju from episode 27 of Ultra Q.

Subtitle: Four-dimensional Monster (四次元怪獣 Yojigen Kaijū)


Ultra Q

While heading back to Japan, Flight 206 suddenly disappeared into a gigantic cloud. The cloud was unlike anything else known to man and transported the jetliner to an alternate dimension. Dozens of missing planes littered the floor of this endless cloud. As panic gripped the group, Ippei and Jun managed to take control of the situation. Not long after, the monster of this dimension emerged from the plumes of white. Todola roared, ready to destroy those that had invaded its home.

As the group struggled to repair the damaged radio and plane, the walrus-like monster smashed its gigantic flippers onto some of the planes. Thankfully, they got the engines and radio working just as the behemoth got too close. Black smoke blasted the creature as the plane flew forward, gaining altitude and flying out of the whirlpool-like exit of the cloud. As the plane regained its normal course, Todola’s cloud began to close up and the walrus huddled back in its cloudy cave to lick its wounds and wait for other easier prey. It is unknown if or when the cloud will return to swallow up more unsuspecting victims.


  • Todola is portrayed using the Maguma suit from the film, Gorath.
    • To make Todola different from Maguma, they added whiskers to his face, and didn't light up the monster's eyes. 
    • Like its Toho counterpart, Maguma, Todola's roar consists of modified elephant sounds used in The Animal World (1956) and a mixture of Rodan's cackle.
  • Art shows Todola slugging it out with Peter. However, they never met and probably never will meet.

Todola on Belyudra's neck

  • Due to Ultra Q's lack of a Light Warrior, Todola is one of the monsters who lived after his appearance.
    • But, due to the fact he was part of Belyudra's body, it's assumed the original or another Todola died sometime between Ultra Q and Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.
  • On Twitter, Tsuburya Productions mentioned that Todola had the chance of reappearing in Ultraman Geed before the first episode had aired. Despite this, Todola never appeared in the series.
  • In some art. Todola can breath fire.


  • Height: 28 m
  • Weight: 19,000 t
  • Origin: Inter-Dimensional Cloud
Powers and Weapons
  • Tusks: Being a giant walrus, Todola possesses two giant sharp tusks as a weapon for biting.
  • Flippers: Todola can use its front flippers to destroy things.


Todola was released as an X-plus figure but was very limited in numbers. Only 1,000 pieces of the X-plus Todola were released. There were also monochrome and red-eye versions of this figure.


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