To the Demon's Mountain!! (魔の山へ!! Ma no Yama he!!) is the seventh episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Aliens discover an ancient monster sealed within a mountain in a village unmarked on the map. They plan to use the hidden power within a net idol to set it free.



Many years ago, the demon, known as the nightmare kaiju, Night Fang, arrived in ancient times at Kuzuryu Village during a solar eclipse, and caused disasters. However, a shrine maiden creates a shining yellow sword from Earth's power. She sealed Night Fang away into the mountain, and the village remained populated by the spirits of those sacrificed to the kaiju.

Hiroyuki, Homare, and Pirika met the net idol, Ai Tennoji, in the present day, when Hiroyuki feels moved. "So... what is a "Psycho Psychic Net Idol"?" Homare asked that Pirika told him that it's her character's "setting." They watch dance videos, titled Cursed Deserving Series - I Danced at the Shrine in the Middle of the Night and in the Abandoned Hospital, both uploaded by Ai, "I'll exorcise you right after you cursed!" Ai said her catchphrase. As she gives her accessory to Hiroyuki, Kana tells the producer that our rates differ according to the details of each case. When the car stops at the foggy forest, the producer narrates about Kazuryu Village's sacrifices. Then, a villager tells them do not enter the village as they leave.

As the car stops at Kazuryu Village, the producer tells a story about the village's origin that Ai records another video about sensing a demon, so, she runs but followed by Homare and Hiroyuki. She sees the villager while the members get the camera but pulled by herself, much to Kana and Pirika watching. But Ai's instinct as a psychic told me to go there before Homare left. As she sits on a flower field, Hiroyuki also sits beside her that she didn't do anything wrong that needs to record more videos. Pirika watches the footage from eariler that Kana saw the people in the back as she'll enhance the image. Hiroyuki, Ai, and Homare hide in front of a door that the villagers looks them that the producer and villager revealed back Aliens Babarue and Hook.

As the villagers chase Hiroyuki and Ai, Homare fights Hook that he quickly dealt with him. Hiroyuki and she enter the temple where the producer comes and power is sent to seal Akame-sama. Before Homare finishes the battle, he'll leave it to Hook's imagination. As the producer enters back to HQ, he looks the screen that he saw a fake himself before he faints. Hiroyuki pushes the fake producer but lines electrocute him, turned back into Babarue, who rips Ai's patch to reveal her right eye, which has a red iris. Hiroyuki saw the demon-possessed villagers that Babarue puts Ai's hand into the shrine while the revival of the kaiju will begin. She saw her incarnation, the shrine maiden, while fell down on the ground, Before the battle, Homare tells her that it's okay but Hiroyuki will leave her.

Babarue grew to giant size and prepared to greet it. Hiroyuki transformed into Taiga to do battle, but he was overwhelmed by the alien. He then switched to Fuma who was able to outspeed the Babarue, and sliced him in half using Sharp-Star Light Wave Shuriken. However, Night Fang was successfully unsealed and emerged from the mountain. Though Babarue didn't survive to see it, his plan had come to fruition, and Night Fang began its attack. Fuma changes back into Taiga but a nightmare shockwave throws him away. Homare and Ai watching while the villagers disappeared and Taiga was no match for it.

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The★Ultraman Titas - Part 3 (ザ★ウルトラマンタイタス 後編 Za Urutoraman Taitasu Kōhen)

The last time Titas explains about his backstory.


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