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Tiny Baltan (タイニーバルタン Tainī Barutan) is an Alien Baltan that appeared in Ultraman Max.

Subtitle: Child of the Super Scientific Aliens (子供の超科学星人 Kodomo no Chōkagaku Seijin)


Ultraman Max

For countless years the Planet Baltan was the apex of scientific knowledge in the galaxy. Theirs was a world that had found peace, peace between its people and between civilization and nature. However the day came when that peace would end. The people of Baltan saw the people of Earth, humans, beings that resembled them but so different. They advanced not for the sake of it but for economics, the result of the greed based system was pointless wars and pollution that were slowly destroying the planet. That in and of itself was not the problem the problem was mankind sought to expand beyond it native sphere, 'invading' as they saw it, first the moon and then setting their sights on Mars all while maintaining their destructive agendas.

Planet Baltan was split, some thought they should leave the humans alone or educate them and teach them the error of their ways, these became the conservative party represented by Tiny Baltan. Others sought a more direct method of intervention, destroying them before they became a threat to other planets. The disagreement eventually escalated to nuclear war that left the once beautiful planet ravaged.


Tiny Alien Baltan data.png

  • Height: Micro ~ 1.5 m
  • Weight: 0 ~ 55 kg
  • Origin: Planet Baltan
Powers and Weapons
  • Teleportation: Tiny Baltan can teleport herself and her ship in short distance.
  • Human Disguise: Tiny Baltan can disguise herself as a human at will. Tiny even proclaims that she can assume the form of an opposite gender, but was shot down by Tsutomu.
  • Possession: Tiny Baltan can possess humans for a short period of time.
  • Gravity Powers: Tiny Baltan can manipulate gravity in both human and Baltan form.
  • Sacred Bells: Tiny Baltan had multitudes of sacred bells from Planet Baltan which used to purify an evil heart when ranged multiple times.
  • Ship: Tiny Baltan had a ship modeled after a turban-shell (probably in reference to Baltans' motif as crustaceans). The ship can also used as a flying broom stick, making her similar to that of a mid-century witch.
  • Illusion: Tiny Baltan can create illusions to her liking. The only instance of this was creating a fake Sea Monster (海獣 Kaijū) to draw a young boy's attention.

Other Media

Ultraman Retsuden

Tiny Baltan appeared with Ultraman Zero in Ultraman Retsuden episodes 93 and 94.


Ultraman Max



  • Tiny Baltan usually chants the word "Barurun" (バルルーン) when she uses her abilities.
  • Tiny Baltan is the second instance of a female Baltan in the series, after Shirubyi from Ultraman Cosmos: The First Contact. Both are also the first non-hostile Alien Baltan to appear.
  • Tiny Baltan refers herself as Boku (僕), which is commonly used by premature boys as an informal manner to address themselves in Japanese, hinting her personality to be albeit tomboyish.
  • It is possible that her chanting whenever she uses her powers, and the fact that she uses a flying broomstick, are references to magical-girl genre protagonists from certain anime/manga culture.
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