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Burnmite horn rub.png This article lacks an official name. "Tiga's companions" is simply how it is referred to as, due to the popularity in the fandom or how it's mentioned in-story.

Tiga's companions are a pair of Ultra Warriors who once accompanied Ultraman Tiga after his defection from the Giants of Darkness.



After Tiga turned to the light, he fought along side two companions against enemies. However, they were restricted from interfering with human decisions when some of them picked Gijera over the Ultras. After their duty was done, they were laid to rest inside a giant pyramid until the Earth needed them again, predicting the incoming calamity induced by the great destroyer. Their light essence departed for their home, leaving behind their bodies as statues.

Ultraman Tiga

30 million years later, both of these statues were destroyed by the newly awakened Golza and Melba while Tiga's remained intact. Daigo Madoka fused with the statue of Ultraman Tiga, bringing him back to life. With his comrades' statues destroyed, Tiga became the final member of their team left to protect the Earth until his final mission, saving humanity from the great destroyer.



  • Height: Unknown
  • Weight: Unknown
  • Age: Unknown
  • Home World: Space, laid to rest in Tiga's Pyramid
  • Time Limit: Unknown

Other Media

Dark Horse Manga

These Ultras appear in a non-canon manga drawn by Tony Wong and published by Dark Horse Comics. They are first seen helping Tiga save the ancient civilization from a deluge of monsters.

In modern times they were with Tiga in a strange dimension when Daigo was rescued from his plane crash. After Daigo merged with the Tiga statue, it was the two of them who bestowed on him the knowledge of Type Change.


Ultimate Collection

  • Tiga Monster Ultimate Collection PART 2 (1997)
    • Release Date: 1997
    • Price: 2980 yen
    • Materials: PVC
The three statues from the first episode is immortalized as PVC figures, released as part of the 2nd Tiga Monster Ultimate Collection set.

Chodo Ultraman

  • Ultraman Tiga ~The One Who Inherits The Light~ (2020)
    • Release Date: March 2020
    • Price: 6600 yen
    • Materials: PVC, ABS
Released as part of the titular Chodo set, the statues are once again released as non-articulated figurines. In addition, they also feature a separation gimmick on each body, which allows it to recreate the destruction of the statues caused by the included Melba and Golza.


Ultraman Tiga

Dark Horse Manga


  • In real life, these two Ultras were rejected designs for Ultraman Tiga. During the series' early planning stages, three proposed designs were put out for the titular Ultra, made into the form of clay statues. When Tiga's current design was chosen, the other two were kept as said statues that were ultimately destroyed by Golza and Melba.
    • Initially, plans were also made to have supposedly five statues in the pyramid instead of three. While two of them were crushed by Golza and Melba, the other two would fuse with Tiga to provide him with the Type Change ability. Had this plan went on in the series, the backstory of Tiga stealing the Giants of Darkness' powers would have never happened.
  • The description of the dimension Tiga and his Companions resided in, in the Dark Horse Comic, prior to Daigo's merger with him, implied to be a sort of limbo dimension the physical world and the dimension of the Ultras. There are similar hints and mentions to an 'Ultra Dimension' later in the canon series.
  • In the 4Kids version of the series, the companions' statues were explained to be fake statues meant to protect the real statue, Tiga's.
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