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Tiga's Pyramid (ティガのピラミッド Tiga no Piramiddo) was an ancient pyramid of gold which served as the final resting place for Ultraman Tiga and his two companions after they departed Earth, leaving their bodies as stone.


Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant

As revealed in Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant, the pyramid was situated near the Sakimori Village (which was later renamed the "Land of Tiga" (ティガの地 Tiga no Ji)), allowing Tiga's power to be utilized by Tsubasa Madoka and later Amui. Both of these men used the Bronze Sparklence to use Tiga's power when a sorcerer threaten the peace of their village. At the time the pyramid was heavily disguised as a mountain until Jomonoid tried to destroy it.

Ultraman Tiga

In the present day, (which took place in the first episode of Ultraman Tiga) Golza and Melba were awakened and attempted to destroy the pyramid to gain access to the statues inside. Guided by Yuzare's hologram in her capsule, GUTS located the pyramid but wasn't able to save it as both monsters broke their way in. When Daigo tried to defend the last statue from being destroyed, he was assimilated with it, bringing Ultraman Tiga into the modern era. The remains of the destroyed statues were examined by Professor Yuji Tango, who in turn conspired with Keigo Masaki to search for another giant Ultraman statue in Kumamoto, leading to the birth of Evil Tiga.

Ultraman Dyna

As revealed in episode 49 of Ultraman Dyna, the remains of destroyed statues in the Tiga Pyramid were used by Gondo Kihachi to create his artificial Ultraman known as Terranoid.



  • The original setting for the pyramid was instead supposedly to house five instead of three Ultras, with two statues being destroyed and the other two merging with Tiga to bestow him his Type Changing abilities.
  • In Ultraman Tiga Gaiden: Revival of the Ancient Giant, the pyramid was heavily disguised, with Jomonoid ripping off some of the camouflage and revealing the structure underneath. However, the first episode of Tiga showed the pyramid fully revealed. It is possible that the disguise wore off over the centuries as a result of climate change and other natural damage.