"Mebius Killer, it's time for revenge.... Take Mebius down to hell!"


Threatening Mebius-Killer (居易のメビウスキラー Kyoi no Mebiusu Kira) is the forty-third episode of Ultraman Mebius.


Yapool arrives on Earth, again. GUYS chases after a space-time wave, but Mirai is "borrowed." Could it be a trap?


The Dark Four Heavenly Kings, Alien Mefilas, Alien Groza, Alien Deathre and Yapool are conversing. Yapool goes to Earth and promises to offer it to the emperor. Professor Aya Jinguji, the superintendent's daughter, who "borrows" Mirai. She notes the reason she came was to confirm something, and says she will only tell if Mirai goes on a date with her. The two are tracked by a reporter, Mitsuhiko Hirukawa. Meanwhile, a space-time wave is detected in southern Japan, and GUYs goes to destroy it.

To destroy the space-time wave, GUYS decides to use an ion-cannon based on the sun. Teppei discovers the source of the space-time wave is moving, and the Phoenix Base takes off. Konomi is unable to contact Mirai, but they take off anyway. Mirai sees the news of the takeoff but is unable to contact them. The reporter dude tries to interview Mirai, but Aya comes to his rescue. Meanwhile, the source of the space-time wave bursts from the ocean and GUYS pursues it.

Mirai heads towards the base, but a man in black stops him, revealing himself as Yapool, and summons Ace Killer. Hirukawa decides to run away while Mirai tells Aya to take cover and walks off to transform, resulting in the girl witnessing his transformation. She had come out with him to confirm he was Mebius because he does a terrible job of hiding it.

The two battle, when Yapool releases Gadiba as well, who gives Ace Killer Mebius' abilities, becoming Mebius Killer. Mebius is knocked down, but Saya comes to the rescue with an inspirational speech about kindness. He uses the Mebium Dynamite to destroy Mebius Killer but collapses in the process. Meanwhile, odd energy wave causes the Phoenix Nest to come to a crash landing on the moon.

Aya revives Mirai, and Hirukawa comes to mock him for fleeing. The ground suddenly opens up and they all fall into another dimension.


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  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.
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