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The Vampire Flower is a Girl's Spirit (血を吸う花は少女の精, Chi o Suu Hana wa Shōjo no Sei) is the eleventh episode of Ultraman Taro. This episode was released theatrically alongside Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla and various cartoons at the 1974 Spring Toho Champion Matsuri.


ZAT is on the case of a series of vampiric murders. While investigating, Kotaro meets a mysterious orphan girl, Kanae, who is always holding a bunch of red flowers. While he is out, Saori and Moriyama are attacked by a mysterious plant.

It is not long before it is discovered that Kanae’s flowers are actually the blood-sucking vegetation. It also turns out that Kanae is not so innocent after all; she has been giving the flowers away to her neighbors, all the while knowing that they kill people.


Guest Actors[]

  • Kanae Iwatsubo (岩坪 かなえ, Iwatsubo Kanae): Terumi Shimono (下野 照美, Shimono Terumi)
  • Mrs. Iwatsubo (岩坪夫人, Iwatsubo Fujin): Masayo Banri (万里 昌代, Banri Masayo)

Suit Actors[]

  • Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンタロウ, Urutoraman Tarō): Hiroshi Nagasawa (長沢 寛, Nagasawa Hiroshi)
  • Basara (バサラ): Toru Kawai (河合 徹, Kawai Tōru)




Home Media[]

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 3 features episodes 10-13.
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