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The Untargeted Town (狙われない街 Nerawarenai Machi) is the twenty-fourth episode of Ultraman Max.


People start suddenly becoming violent for brief periods of time, to a mysterious cause. Could an alien be behind it?


The police have to break up several fights, whose participants seemed to go suddenly insane. Afterwards, the fighters lose their memories of the time. DASH discovers that similar incidents happened in Kitegawa decades ago, to smokers.

CT scans reveal that the frontal lobes of the victim's brains were modified by some external force, causing loss of reason. After picking up a phone call, one man turns violent in front of Kaito and Mizuki. The police deduce that all victims used a phone with the same antenna.

DASH investigates the antenna, which they believe to be of alien origin, uniquely made to effect the brain. They find workers working on testing the reception, and even pick up a monster signal, which vanishes. The workers notice a strange signal: someone is sending a high output signal to those antennae to target humans.

Kaito notices a strange man and follows him. He finds a phone and picks it up, but doubles in pain. The man appears before him, and reveals he knows his identity as Ultraman Max. He tells him he is an alien, and when asked what he wants, says he cannot want anything, and will not target the town or earth.

A man called Ken recognizes the mysterious man as Metronian and greets him. however, he is thrown when Kaito and Mizuki arrive, and runs. Kaito follows. Ken reveals to Mizuki that an alien used to live in the town, who was nearly killed in a fight with Ultraseven. The alien was healed and Ken kept his location a secret.

DASH discovers that forty years earlier Alien Metron had hidden red crystals inside cigarettes to make men insane. The alien is still at large, and Elly searches for his location.

Kaito follows the man, who leads him into a warehouse and greets him politely. The man reveals his true form: Alien Metron. Kaito orders him away. The man packs earthen souvenirs as he prepares to leave.

Metron explains he is going to leave because he believes humans will degenerate themselves without his interference. Max loses a game of Rock, Paper, Scissor, and Metron grows giant. A spaceship arrives. Metron waves farewell and the spaceship departs into the sunset.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 7 features episodes 23-26.
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  • This episode was later featured in Ultraman Retsuden episode 50 "Resurrection of Metron! The Untargeted City!!"
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 14, 2017.
  • The writer for the episode tweeted about the episodes' continuity saying the episode was a exception about Ultraman Max being in its own universe.
  • This episode featured the poster of the movie Ultraman Story.
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