The Underwater King (水中の王者 Suichū no Ōja) is the 8th episode of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.


Mega Monster Battle File

  • Oki: Mega Monster Battle Files. Today's monster is this one. Space Monster Eleking. His most frequent attacks are a moon crescent shaped lightning shot and constraining the enemy with his tail.
  • Kumano: This is a very interesting monster for engineers.
  • Oki: Do you want to study this monster today?
  • Kumano: I'd love to.
  • Oki: I'll call Rei!
  • Kumano: Hey, I was joking!
  • Oki and Kumano: See ya!





Reionics Kaiju

Ordinary Kaiju

Home Media

  • Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Volume 5 Features episodes 8-9.


  • Originally Gubila was supposed to be Rei's third monster in the series Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle. However, he was replaced by Eleking.
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