The Transparent Monster Attacks! (透明怪獣襲撃! Tōmei Kaijū Shūgeki!) is the 3rd episode of Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle.


Mega Monster Battle File

  • Oki: Mega Monster Battle File! Today's Monster is this one! It's the transparent monster Neronga! He shows himself when eating electricity. He shoots electricity from the horns on his head. It seems it had already caused many electric breakdowns in the past.
  • Kumano: So he is the one that broke our engine.
  • Oki: I wanted to see him too...
  • Kumano: Too bad we couldn't study him, but he is an interesting one.
  • Oki: See you next time.
  • Kumano: See you!


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Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle Volume 2 features episodes 2-3.

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