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The Targeted Woman (狙わらた女 Newarata Ōnna) is the forty-seventh episode of Return of Ultraman.


Oka made a lot of mistakes at work. While Go and Minami are missing from work, Captain Ibuki gave her a one-month off. Monster Femigon appeared in the Petroleum Industrial Complex and MAT fought against it with only 3 members. While Oka was back home, her mother found her strange as she smelt like oil. When the monster appeared again, Oka was also found missing from her house.


Yuriko Oka was given a month-long break after her two mistakes as a communication officer; the first one resulting in Go and Minami disappearing once ejected from their MAT Arrow prior to crashing in the ocean.

With Ibuki, Kishida and Ueno left, the three faced against Femigon and seemingly succeeded when the monster disappeared from the oil complex in Boso Peninsula. At their headquarters, the three still valued Oka as their team member despite her previous mistakes. The captain purposely called Yuriko's mother just to check on her, but said officer return home at that moment, exactly after Femigon disappeared and seemingly in a state of intoxication. Mrs. Oka ended the call and noticed her daughter having petroleum stench.

Meanwhile, Go and Minami managed to return to a nearby beach unharmed, having apparently swam their way from Izu to Chiba. The two were coincidental to stumble on Femigon's next attack on Chiba's oil complex while Yuriko went missing from her room, leaving behind a strong stench of petroleum oil. Go transforms into Ultraman and managed to catch Ueno's MAT Arrow 1 before it crashes. While being trampled, the giant hero took a nearby gas pipe and shove it to the monster's beak and once again found himself on the losing side after being pierced with one of Femigon's thorns.

Femigon marched its way to attack MAT's headquarters and Ultraman followed suit in their underwater fight, killing the monster with the Ultra Spark. A red hitodama appeared out of the monster's body and return Yuriko to the beach. Go reunited with the MAT members and the entire team had a seafood feast at the beach.


  • Hideki Go (郷 秀樹 Gō Hideki): Jiro Dan (団 次郎 Dan Jirō)
  • Ryū Ibuki (伊吹 竜 Ibuki Ryū): Jun Negami (根上 淳 Negami Jun)
  • Takeshi Minami (南 猛 Minami Takeshi): Shunsuke Ikeda (池田 駿介 Ikeda Shunsuke)
  • Fumio Kishida (岸田 文夫 Kishida Fumio): Ken Nishida (西田 健 Nishida Ken)
  • Ippei Ueno (上野 一平 Ueno Ippei): Kō Mitsui (三井 恒 Mitsui Kō)
  • Yuriko Oka (丘 ユリ子 Oka Yuriko): Mika Katsuragi (桂木 美加 Katsuragi Mika)
  • Narrator: Akira Nagoya (名古屋 章 Nagoya Akira)

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  • Return of Ultraman Volume 12 features episodes 45-48.
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