The Taken Max Spark (奪われたマックススパーク Ubawareta Makkusu Supāku) is the 28th episode of Ultraman Max.


Police find an unconscious man near a larval Eleking. DASH must find and destroy the other larvel Elekings before they become monsters. Crunchyroll summary


The police find a man unconscious in his apartment, with the body of a young monster. DASh discovers that it is a bio-engineered Eleking larva. Three Eleking-corresponding electromagnetic waves are discovered in the city. Kaito and Mizuki are sent for ground patrol, and the others take the air.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Max Volume 8 features episodes 27-30.
  • Ultraman Max Complete Season.


  • Although Dash Bird shot one of Eleking's horns off, it appears later when Kaito transforms into Ultraman Max. This error is fixed in later scenes.


  • This episode was later featured in Ultraman Retsuden episode 72 "Eleking Attack! The Stolen Max Spark!!"
  • The episode was premiered in the United States on TOKU on March 16, 2017.
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