The Space Monster vs. The Primeval Monster
Fireman, Episode 19
Help me mom
Air date 05/15/1973
Screenplay by Fumito Imamura
Directed by Jun Ooki
He did it! Fire-Dash
The Gagango Monster's Storm

The Space Monster vs. The Primeval Monster (宇宙怪獣対原始怪獣Ucyū kaijū tai genshi kaijū) is the 19th episode of Fireman.


The small capsule Kenta turk has been found in the forest, space monster MukuMuku came from supergravity star was sleeping. MukuMuku resulting in a giant under the gravity of the earth, but light, make friends completely and Kenta us brought food. And fight off joining forces with Fireman primitive Makurosaurous monster that emerged from the fold. Returned to its original size in the gravity beam of Fireman, and Yuku back into space.



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