The Present for Each (それぞれの今 Sorezore no Ima) is the ninth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Someone from Homare's past has sought out EGIS to act as bodyguards. She brings along something very valuable and very dangerous, and the Villain Guild wants to get their hands on it.


Maiko Namekata is a woman who knows about Homare’s past. According to her, Homare has changed a lot. Homare has a secret... Water monster Majappa, whose seal was broken appears in front of them! What is the purpose of Villain Guild who is chasing Maiko and Majappa!? Can Homare protect Maiko!?

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


A Loser's Son - Part 1 (負け犬の子 前編 Makeinu no Ko zenpen)

It's Fuma's turn to explain how he became an Ultraman.


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