The Power to Protect and the Power to Fight (護る力と闘う力 Mamoru Chikara to Tatakau Chikara) is the fourteenth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Hiroyuki is captured and his Key Holders are taken from him. Taiga is beginning to be drowned in the darkness within his own soul...


Taiga, in the dark dimensional area, arches his other members that his head aches but the hero captured in the villain's device.

Hiroyuki walks out the HQ in the sunrise, he hears a weird noise that turns his head around but kidnapped by the man off-screen as the plastic bag drops. Inside the EGIS HQ, Homare calls the member that his intercom's signal is gone, told by Pirika. Hiroyuki, binding to a pole, wakes up in a dark, silent factory, led by a man, Ilt. Tri-Squad's spirits switched inside his visor's storage, Kirisaki hops on a bridge while chanting "slow, quick, quick", holding a pink umbrella. Pirika sees too many camera screens but Homare heads out. Ilt did so because he was afraid of leaving so much power in the hands of a single individual after seeing what happened to the robot kaiju. Pirika tries to hack that man that Kirisaki waltzing a dance but he summons the Planetary Guardian Deity, Gigadelos. After it reappeared on Earth, Homare tried to rescue Hiroyuki, but Ilt teleported the both of them away before Homare was able to do anything. Ilt tried to shut down Gigadelos using his Delos Visor, but Kirisaki suddenly appeared and stole the Accessories back from Ilt, only to return them to Hiroyuki, who transforms into Fuma again and again. Gigadelos first fought against Fuma, who intended to finish it off using the Seven-Stars Light Wave Shuriken. Instead of getting destroyed, Gigadelos duplicated itself.

Outmatched, Fuma swapped with Taiga, who carelessly struck it with the Strium Blaster, causing Gigadelos to duplicate once more. Taiga upgraded into Photon-Earth to resume the battle, but he was overwhelmed by the three Gigadelos. He decided to use Night Fang Ring's Fang Wave, which somehow forced the duplicates to recombine into one. Ilt saw through Kirisaki's intention of allowing Hiroyuki to transform. After a while, Ilt decided to shut down Gigadelos and allowed Taiga to destroy it using Aurum Strium. Its remains created Gigadelos Ring, which Hiroyuki recieved. He met up with Ilt one more time after the battle. He asked what he would do from now on, and Ilt said that he would travel through the universe to shut down the other remaining Gigadelos. He told Hiroyuki to believe in his friends. Homare came to get Hiroyuki, who wanted to introduce Ilt to him, but as he turned around he saw that Ilt had already disappeared that he still half-awake but Hiroyuki stays quiet.

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


For Whom Is That Fist For - Part 2 (その拳は誰がために 中編 Sono Ken wa Dare ga Tame ni Chūhen)

Taiga talks about one of his past adventures, where in he runs into a general of the Gua Army.


Voice Actors

Guest Cast

  • Ilt (イルト Iruto): Airu Shiozaki (汐崎アイル Shiozaki Airu)

Suit Actors





  • The opening sequence updated including changing from 1st to 2nd verse.
  • The ending sequence updated including switching into the new song: "Sign".
  • Starting from this episode onwards, the main monster of the week has their name and subtitle shown on screen when they appear, much like in Ultraman 80.
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