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The Power to Protect Peace (平和を守る力 Heiwa o Mamoru Chikara) is the first special episode of Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga.


Today, the team of monster experts GUTS-Select continues to protect the peace. Let’s take a look at their efforts so far! Surely you all know that there were other organizations like them that protected peace on Earth using cutting-edge scientific equipment? Let’s give those defense teams a proper introduction! Our navigator today will be… the monster Deban?!

Galaxy Rescue Force Voice Drama


Queen Izana (イザナ女王 Izana Joō)

Queen Izana comes across Sora and Ribut, and tells them about the countless possibilities of the Multiverse.


Voice Actor

  • Deban (デバン): Risae Matsuda (松田 利冴 Matsuda Risae)

Suit Actor

  • Deban: Ayari Takeda (武田 彩里 Takeda Ayari)



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