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The Opening Force (切り拓く力 Kiri hiraku chikara) is the first episode of Ultraman Ginga S. This episode is the debut of Ultraman Victory, the secondary Ultra for this series.


Two years after the events of Ultraman Ginga, the mysterious warrior Ultraman Victory appears along with new invaders from outer space. The reliable special investigation team UPG is also introduced. Hikaru is again united with Ginga to open up the future, and take the big first step to a fierce battle of drama! [Official Episode Summary]


When Hikaru arrives in a new town, he makes contact with a Victorium Crystal and has a vision of Sho and Ultraman Victory. Exceller, the ambitious Alien Chibull, is seen commanding Android One Zero to retrieve the crystals. In the underground world, Sho is given the Victory Lancer and the task of saving the crystals, but not harming the inhabitants of Earth in the process.

When One Zero unearths a Victorium Crystal near a construction side, Shepherdon emerges from the ground to stop her. UPG arrives on the scene, with Arisa and Gouki present. They evacuate everyone while attempting to shoot at Shepherdon without much success, unaware with the kaiju's agenda. Hikaru, who is nearby, then observes Sho commanding Shepherdon to return to the underground.

Hikaru then meets up with Sho where the two are having a conversation in which Sho states that he is different from the humans on Earth. He then spots the Ginga Spark in Hikaru's pockets and is astonished. Before he can say anything further, another Victorium Crystal is unearthed and Sho rushes to the scene. He is delayed by One Zero summoning her robot underlings, Chiburoids. Zero One then Monslives into EX Red King to destroy Shepherdon.

Shepherdon, on the verge of defeat, is saved by Sho who transforms into Ultraman Victory. During the battle, the combatants scatter debris everywhere, some of which landed on the UPG members. Unable to shift the debris himself, Hikaru wishes for more power to save everyone. The Ginga Spark flashes with power, and Hikaru transforms into Ginga, saving Arisa and Gouki. He then fights EX Red King, overwhelmed it with the Ginga Thunderbolt, before defeating it with the Ginga Cross Shoot, but to his surprise, Victory intercepts Ginga with the Victory Slash before the latter can collect EX Red King's Spark Doll. He steals it and uses its powers to transform his right arm and attack Ginga immediately, much to Hikaru's shock.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Ginga S Volume 1 features episodes 1-3.
  • Ultraman Ginga S Blu-Ray Box I features episodes 1-8.
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