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The Monster Graveyard (怪獣墓場 Kaijū Hakaba) is the thirty-fifth episode of Ultraman.


On a patrol of space, Daisuke Arashi and Mitsuhiro Ide stumble onto "The Ultra Zone," an area of outer space they liken to a "Monster Graveyard." Upon their return, once Captain Toshio Muramatsu reads their report, whose contents break Akiko Fuji down in tears and motivate Mura to agree to memorial services for the destroyed monsters there, Shin Hayata flees the Science Patrol control room in remorse. He then laments what he (Hayata) has had to do, and ignites the Beta Capsule to transform. Ultraman is in agreement with the Science Patrol that memorial services should be held. These take the Buddhist form, and Hayata participates in spite of being personally atheistic.

But in the course of a mission to Mars that is being conducted, a monster called Seabozu is inadvertently brought to Earth from the Monster Graveyard. The Science Patrol attempts to return it back to where it belongs, and so does Ultraman, using up enough energy to make his warning light blink in the process. Hayata then suggests making the rocket that will bring Seabozu back to space resemble Ultraman.





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  • Ultraman Volume 9 features episodes 33-36.
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