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The Little Hero (小さな英雄 Chiisana Eiyū), also known as The Small Hero, is the thirty-seventh episode of Ultraman.

It was the second episode of Ultra Science Fantasy Hour to be aired on YouTube, with its main slogan being Do what you can (自分にできることを Jibun ni dekiru koto o).


SSSP members were alarmed by Pigmon's sudden reappearance at a Ginza toy store. While bringing it to the SSSP headquarters, they decided to contact Professor Gonda to decipher Pigmon's chattering. Gonda managed to finish the translator, but the sleepless Ide was pressured by his work, especially taking the fact that no matter how much effort the SSSP did, it was Ultraman in the end who finished the job with defeating the monsters. Hayata managed to reassure that both the Ultraman and SSSP are codependent on each others; especially with the case of Antlar and Kemular. The sudden revival of Dorako and Telesdon at night only caused Pigmon to intensely panic in Gonda's lab.

Pigmon's chattering was translated in the next day:

"The monster that the SSSP and Ultraman have defeated are being resurrected by Geronimon's power and are planning an assault on the SSSP as revenge. In five hours, over 60 monsters from across the world will gather in Japan. You must defeat Geronimon while you still can. Geronimon is the Monster Chief. It possess psychic powers. Beware."


Despite the frightening news, Geronimon failed to expect Pigmon as one of the revived monsters and the creature instead warned SSSP and lead them to the monsters' meeting spot. They arrived in Mt. Oiwayama as the monsters' rendezvous point and only spotted Re-Dorako and Re-Telesdon as its participants. SSSP were split into two teams while Pigmon was ordered to stay behind. Whereas Fuji, Arashi and Muramatsu managed to take down Telesdon with their unified shots, Hayata was able to injure Dorako's right shoulder with Ide hopefully waiting for Ultraman. Unfortunately as Dorako was about to kill the two SSSP officers, Pigmon stepped in and diverted Dorako's attention from the pair, only to be swatted by the towering monster out of annoyance. This earned a slap from Hayata that caused Ide to snap back into reality and uses the Spark 8 barrel on his Super Gun to kill Re-Dorako.

With all three revived monsters were killed, Geronimon was forced out of its hiding and Hayata transforms into Ultraman to rescue Arashi, Ide and Muramatsu from their fall. Struggling with the telekinetic-controlled feathers, Ultraman lured them to the sky and fired his Specium Ray. He would later caught Geronimon by surprise to rip off all the feathers on its back and finally lifting it for Ide to open fire with Spark 8. This eventually brighten Ide's mood and finally taught him to rely on his own skill instead of others. The SSSP members pay their final respect to Pigmon's carcass and Muramatsu posthumously honored the creature as their special team member.


Guest Stars

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman): Bin Furuya (古谷敏 Furuya Bin)
  • Re-Dorako (再生ドラコ Saisei Dorako): Ēichi Matsushima (松島映一 Matsushima Ēichi)
  • Re-Telesdon (再生テレスドン Saisei Teresudon): Yukihiro Seino (清野幸弘 Seino Yukihiro)
  • Geronimon (ジェロニモン Jieronimon): Teruo Aragaki (荒垣輝雄 Aragaki Teruo)
  • Re-Pigmon (再生ピグモン Saisei Pigumon): Oyake Masahiro (小宅雅裕 Masahiro Oyake)




Home Media

  • Ultraman Volume 10 features episodes 37-39.
  • Ultraman The Complete Series features all episodes.


  • Red King and Gabora were originally going to be the resurrected kaiju, but because the suits were used so often, they were replaced by Telesdon and Dorako. In the English Subtitled version of the episode, it still says that the resurrected kaiju are Red King and Gabora. Also, a toy of Red King appears in this episode.
    • Re-Dorako has a few personality traits of Red King.
    • In the English Dub, Re-Dorako was called Red King and Re-Telesdon was called Gabora.
  • With a rating of 42.8%, this was the highest rated episode of Ultraman.
  • This episode was later featured in episode 45 of New Ultraman Retsuden, "Little Heroes! Geronimon's Back!!".
  • Garamon, Kanegon, Red King, Jirahs, Booska and Godzilla appear as toys in the department store.
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