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The Legend of Dragon (竜の伝説 Ryū no Densetsu) is the eighteenth episode of Gridman the Hyper Agent.


Yuka accompanied Daichi and Kana to the museum for the display of a Chinese mummy while Naoto and Ippei stayed at their homes, the former studying and the latter preparing a new Assist Weapon to replace the destroyed God Zenon. At the museum, Yuka also narrated a fairy tale about a man who manipulated dragons to defend a country that his beloved princess from, only to be betrayed by her own family members with a poison, with said princess committed suicide to join her lover in the afterlife.

Takeshi saw the potential of a malicious grudge from the 5,000 year old mummy and agreed with Kahn to unleash it against mankind, reviving Bagira into Mecha Bagira and hacked the museum to resurrect the mummy. The G-Call alerted Naoto to fuse with Gridman and race to the museum's Computer World, where Mecha Bagira unveiled its metal boomerangs fired from the tail. The reanimated mummy chased Yuka after mistaken her to be his deceased lover. After completing the Dragon Cannon, Ippei sent it to Gridman to turn the tide of the battle before the Hyper Agent finishes off with Grid Beam. With Mecha Bagira's damages restored, the mummy laid to rest once more.

"The mummy who dreamed about eternal dream silently, might have wanted to show us the power of love. Yuka, with the memory of the revived mummy, can feel timeless romance."







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