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The Lawless Monster Zone (怪獣無法地帯 Kaijū Muhō Chitai) is the eighth episode of Ultraman. Its original title in Japan is The Wild Monster Zone.


A group of scientists are sent to explore a new volcanic island. Months pass with no signal from them, that's when the Science Patrol is sent to investigate and rescue any survivors. What they find is like nothing anyone ever expected, the island is populated by huge monsters (Red King, Chandlar and Magular) and all but one of the scientists have been killed. While most creatures within the expedition to the Lawless Monster Zone were vicious, Pigmon was not. It helped the injured sole survivor by giving him food, and led the Science Patrol to him when they arrived on the island. The reason for the monster's appearance is that the magnetic field on the island is off-balance, causing creatures to mutate. The island was later named "Tatara Island".

Two giant monsters were seen fighting called Red King and Chandlar. Once Red King defeated Chandlar by tearing off a limb/wing and throwing the dismembered limb, as well as some rocks, at him as the monster fled, and was never seen or heard from again. Mauglar, a burrowing monster, apparently survived the episode almost unnoticed, but was eventually killed by the Science Patrol. Red King killed Pigmon by creating an avalanche of rocks. Shin Hayata transforms into Ultraman to fight the monster. Once Ultraman appeared, Red King was defeated without the need for the Specium Ray (Except for when Ultraman used it on a rock Red King was about to throw at him). After being thrown around a few times, Red King was paralyzed. The SSSP had a moment of silence for the scientists and Pigmon, before leaving the island.





Home Media

  • Ultraman Volume 2 features episodes 5-8.
  • The US DVD Release Ultraman Here He Comes From the Sky features episodes 1-10.


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