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The Last Day of the Six Ultra Brothers! (ウルトラ6兄弟最後の日! Urutora Roku Kyōdai saigo no hi!) is the thirty-fourth episode of Ultraman Taro. It is the concluding part of a two-part arc which sees all five previous Ultra Brothers a third time with Susumu Kurobe respiring his role as Shin Hayata, Kohji Moritsugu as Dan Moroboshi, Jiro Dan as Hideki Go and Keiji Takamine as Seiji Hokuto.


The 5 Ultra Brothers decided to have a toast for Taro's bravery in killing Alien Temperor. Kotaro's overconfidence got the best of him as he failed to understand the value of teamwork despite his brothers-in-arms' advice. As Kotaro left the barbecue party, Zoffy noted the rest of the Brothers that Temperor is still alive. Sure enough, his space ship started to revive him and tell Kotaro that he is able to detect any of the Ultra Warriors on Earth due to the different properties of their shadows compared to regular Earthlings.

While Eichi was showing off the Ultraman Ball to his friends, Temperor started to attack the city again. In the bodies of Otani and the ZAT members again, the Ultra Brothers notices Kotaro's increasing arrogance started to jeopardize the operation in handling Alien Temperor, causing the alien to retreat to his ship out of annoyance. Seeing how brute strength would not solve his problems, he possessed Saori through a spider form and capture Kotaro as a leverage for the Brothers, going as far as to torture him with the Ultra Brothers Destruction Beam. The possessed ZAT members managed to rescue him at the cost of blowing their cover and were forced to run from the giant alien. Even when possessing a group of six volleyball players, their disguises were quickly discovered and were forced to put them from harm's way.

Kotaro received an idea to use Eiichi's Ultraman Ball and had the children toss them to the alien. With a coordinated attack, Taro dismembered Temperor's limbs and the rest of the Brothers toss him midair to be killed by Neo Strium Beam before unleashing their beams onto Temperor's fleeing ship. The Ultra Brothers decided to left Earth as Kotaro regroup with the male ZAT members and they join the volleyball members in their warm up.


  • Kotaro Higashi (東 光太郎 Higashi Kōtarō): Saburo Shinoda (篠田三郎 Shinoda Saburo)
  • Shuhei Aragaki (荒垣 修平 Aragaki Shūhei):Takahiko Higashino (東野孝彦 Higashino Takahiko)
  • Tadao Nanbara (南原忠男 Nanbara Tadao): Toyoyuki Kimura (木村豊幸 Kimura Toyoyuki)
  • Takeshi Uneo (上野孝 Uneo Takeshi): Akihiko Nishijima (西島明彦 Nishijima Akihiko)
  • Tetsuya Kitajima (北島哲也 Kitajima Tetsuya): Shusuke Tsumura (津村秀祐 Tsumura Shūsuke)
  • Saori Shiratori (白鳥さおり Shiratori Saori): Keiko Ono (小野恵子 Ono Keiko)
  • Kenichi Shiratori (白鳥健一 Shiratori Ken'ichi): Shinya Saito (斎藤信也 Saitō Shin'ya)
  • Zoffy (ゾフィー Zofī Voice): Mitsuru Saijo (西条満 Saijō Mitsuru)
  • Alien Temperor (テンペラー星人 Tenperā Seijin Voice): Eiji Maruyama (丸山 詠二 Maruyama Eiji)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Narētā): Tetsuro Sagawa (瑳川哲朗 Sagawa Tetsurō)

Guest Actors

  • Otani Eiichi (大谷栄一 Ōtani Eiichi): Masatoshi Nishiwaki (西脇政敏 Nishiwaki Masatoshi)
  • Doctor Otani (大谷博士 Ōtani hakase): Katsu Ryuzaki (竜崎勝 Ryūzaki Katsu)
  • Shin Hayata/Ultraman (ハヤタ・シン Hayata Shin/ウルトラマン Urutoraman): Susumu Kurobe (黒部 進 Kurobe Susumu)
  • Dan Moroboshi/Ultraseven (モロボシ・ダン Moroboshi Dan/ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun): Kohji Moritsugu (森次 晃嗣 Moritsugu Kōji)
  • Hideki Go/Ultraman Jack (郷 秀樹 Gō Hideki/ウルトラマンジャック Urutoraman Jakku): Jiro Dan (団 時郎 Dan Jirō)
  • Seiji Hokuto/Ultraman Ace (北斗 星司 Hokuto Seiji/ウルトラマンエース Urutoraman Esu): Keiji Takamine (高峰 圭二 Takamine Keiji)

Suit Actors

  • Ultraman Taro (ウルトラマンタロウ Urutoraman Tarō): Hiroshi Nagasawa (長沢寛 Nagasawa Hiroshi)





  • When the Ultra Brothers were about to fly after defeating Temperor (with an exception of Taro), they reused Taro's grunt instead of their own.

Home Media

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 9 features episodes 34-37.
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