The Laboratory of Doctor Demon (悪魔博士の実験室 Akuma Hakase no Jikken-shitsu) is the 15th episode of Ultraman 80.


A baby monster is brought to earth by UGM. But what does Professor Nakagawa have in store for it?


UGM's Space Mammy returns to earth. While passing through the Monster Graveyard, they find an infant monster and bring it to earth. The public relation's manager. Sera, brings it to the UGM, and it is taken to Professor Jouno, the father of Emi Jouno. He identifies as a Myu, and so relatively harmless, but his colleague, Nakagawa wants it for an experiment: to see whether or not an alien can be used like livestock by forcing it to grow giant.

Jouno refuses to let Nakagawa experiment on the creature, and the refused scientist leaves to his lab. Outside, Emi, Takeshi and Sera try to feed it, until Emi puts it to sleep. Later that night, Nakagawa sneaks in and steals the monster, and begins his experiment. It grows larger, but he is not satisfied, and decides to continue. When he tries to experiment more, it runs off into the woods.

The next day, Emi, Tekshi and Sera search for Myu, but do not know it has grown to human size. Emi finds it, but her father says a Myu should not be more than 60 centimeters tall. Takeshi suspects Nakagawa, and goes to investigate. He arrives too late: the professor has already chained the kaiju and completed his experiment as the monster grows to giant size. It bursts from the facility's roof in its monster form.

Nakagawa watches it overjoyed, but Myu, infuriated, crushes him and begins to rampage. UGM attacks. The monster uses its laser eyebeams to destroy Emi, Takeshi and Sera's planes, but Takeshi transforms into Ultraman 80 and engages the monster. When he is about to defeat it, Emi awakens and calls to him not to. She sings the monster to sleep, and 80 shrinks him, and brings him back to space.




  • Myu (Baby, Teenage and Giant)

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