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The Kingdom (ザ・キングダム Za Kingudamu) refers to the Absolutian regime presiding over their homeworld and other colonies, as well as the faction consisting of Absolutians and their subordinates in the goal of finding a new planet as their second home.


Pre-The Absolute Conspiracy

At an unknown point in the past, the precursors to the Absolutian race constructed an unknown energy source within Eldora Tower on Central Planet. The activation of the device showered the planet and its people with Cascade Rays, and, in an event that mirrored the formation of the first Ultras following the activation of the Plasma Spark, brought about the first generation of Absolutians in their current form. However, it was eventually discovered that the Cascade Rays, as revolutionary as they were, came with a grave cost; uncontainable, the rays were destined to destroy the planet from the inside out. The Kingdom, a faction of Absolutian warriors, eventually came to the conclusion that invading, then annexing a suitable replacement planet was key to their survival.

Ultra Galaxy Fight: The Absolute Conspiracy

A representative of his race and the leader of The Kingdom, Absolute Tartarus saw the Land of Light as his race's potential new home. To fight the Ultra Warriors that would oppose him, Tartarus abused the power of time travel through Narak to recruit past adversaries of Ultra Warriors either by reviving them or preventing their eventual deaths, and having them swearing their allegiance to The Kingdom.

With the help of an Alien Sran he rescued, Tartarus decided to empower the Maga-Soul he acquired in hopes of evolving it into Magatano-Orochi while sending Leugocyte to attack Planet Kanon. The Absolutian warrior tried to stop the 80's strike force from advancing to Mikarito, but was forced to flee from Ultraman Legend's retaliation. The death of Maga-Orochi forced him to abandon the initial plan and executed Sran for his failures.

After having an Alien Bat creating Zett, Tartarus jumped into the past to recruit Ultraman Belial and Ultraman Tregear before their fall into darkness, pitting them against the present day Ultra Brothers after Juda and Mold's demise. As Tartarus once again retreated from a failed attempt to attack Planet U40, Zett on the other hand also retreated after his mission to assassinate the Tri-Squad went awry with the Galaxy Rescue Force's meddling. A few days later, The Kingdom intercepted Yullian's ship in order to kidnap her in Planet Ebil. Despite the Ultra League's attempt at intervention and Zett's death, Tartarus succeeded in his goal, deciding to use her as a bargaining chip to force the Residents of the Land of Light to surrender their home planet.

After being contained within Narak, Yullian discovered that another Ultra, Ultraman Regulos, was also imprisoned there, having been captured by the Kingdom at an unknown point in time.

Ultraman Trigger: New Generation Tiga

Tartarus and Diavolo travel to Ultraman Trigger's world, focusing on their attempts to find the Eternity Core.[1] The Absolutians first meet the Giants of Darkness, claiming that Eternity Core is The Kingdom's property but the Giants of Darkness forbids that. Tartarus then made an offer to leave them at one piece while they're making contact with the core, which they finally agree with it. The Golden Threat

Ultraman Connection Live

In this universe, Diavolo first made his presence known to the Unidentified Capture League (UCL), whose pursuit of the Absolutian was assisted by Ultraman Regulos, who was captured and restrained by Diavolo shortly thereafter. Ultraman Connection Live Featuring Dyna & Gaia

Later on, it is revealed that, to further their conquest, The Kingdom had constructed the Narak Tower, a jamming array, on Mars. Fortunately, the tower was demolished by the UCL soon after. Ultraman Connection Live Holiday Special



Parallel Isotopes



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