The Kannon is Strongest
Ultraman 80, Episode 42
Air date 01/28/1981
Screenplay by Toshiro Ishido
Directed by Shohei Tojo
Special skill director Kazuo Sagawa
Did You See the Zero Monster Bird
The Female Warrior of Ultra
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The Kannon is Strongest  (さすが! 観音さまは強かった! Sasuga! Kan'non-sama wa tsuyokatta!) is the 42nd episode of Ultraman 80.


The episode is about a couple robbers earning about money under a Kannon statue a boy then is very angry and when he goes to sleep the Kannon statue seems to be "crying" because of the robbers trying to get money. UGM gets a call of the boy and talks to him about Kannon then when UGM visits the cave under the Kannon statue they notice monster signals under it. Later in the day the robbers blow up the bottom of the statue but instead of finding money the awoke the monster Zurasuimar! UGM are informed about the monster and start to attack it but then Captian Ooyama's ship gets taken down so Takeshi turns into Ultraman 80 but he struggles as he gets choked but with support of the civillians he manages to carry the Kannon statue and put the monster under cave ending its rein.




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DVD Release

  • Ultraman 80 Volume 11 features episodes 41-44.
80 Vol-11

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