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The Idol of Goga (ゴーガの像 Gōga no Zō) is the twenty-fourth episode of Ultra Q.


A ring of smugglers, including a mysterious woman named Aleen, steal a rare statue and kidnap a young girl named Tami in the process. This particular artifact, the Idol of Goga, was crafted by the ancient civilization of Alanka 6,000 years ago and is said to carry a curse that will befall anyone that tries to remove it from its West Asian homeland of Abu; the penalty for such desecration will be the total destruction of the community in which the statue is held. The thieves, led by mastermind Iwakura, secure their booty at Iwakura Hall, among other priceless relics. Later, one of the smugglers in struck down by strange rays that are emitted from the statue's eyes. The statue falls and shatters, releasing a snail creature that begins to grow in size. Jun, Yuriko and Ippei investigate the kidnapping of Tami and soon find themselves in the smuggler's den. Aleen's true identity is revealed to be Min Liyan and, upon being discovered to have been secretly working against the smugglers, she is imprisoned with Tami. Meanwhile, the snail-monster Goga continues to grow larger and eventually destroys the building, crushing Iwakura beneath a huge, fallen statue. Unscathed, Jun and the others are rescued by the military from the devastated building. A surviving thief tries to kill Min, but is crushed beneath the monster as it destroys the city Finally, Goga is consumed by the flames of a military bombardment and perishes, as Tarni is safely reunited with her mother.



Home Media

  • Ultra Q Volume 6 features episodes 21-24, & Volume 7 Total Natural Color Blu-Ray features episodes 22-25.


  • When Goga grows and starts to drill through the roof of the robbers hide out, a hand can be seen straightening the drill. 
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