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The Great Battle III is a manga based on the Banpresto game of the same name from the Compatible Hero Series. Serialized in Comic Bonbon, the author was Koichi Tokita.


Battle Baseball

In a world where heroes and rivals lived together, the world was maintained by the Environment Maintenance Device.This allowed the Compatible heroes to play sports everyday. One day the heroes were challenged to a game of Battle Baseball at the satellite stadium Astrodome.

The Great Battle III

A meteor collided with the Astrodome, and four heroes, F91, Great, RX, and Roar, were sent to a world with a medieval appearance. Later the king learned that the world was threatened by Zanuel and Darkbrain, who had four fighters in the past.

Battle Dodgeball II

After Roar, who defeated Dark Brain, and the others returned to the compatible world, the other three heroes witnessed a revived Dark Brain BE released from the seal by Roar. the environmental maintenance device was then stolen and the power of darkness strengthened. It was after it was learned that Roar was being manipulated by Dark Brain from Roar's younger sister Emy, the three heroes went to the ruins of Beta Star King to help him.