The Gagango Monster's Storm
Fireman, Episode 20
Ganago vs fireman
Air date 05/22/1973
Screenplay by Bunzo Wakatsuki
Directed by Hiromi Higuchi
The Space Monster vs. The Primeval Monster
Messengers of Murder, Dekon and Bokon

The Gagango Monster's Storm (怪獣ガガンゴの嵐, Kaijū Gagango no arashi) is the 20th episode of Fireman.


It took the pet dog, Jirobee of Jiro, Gagango star two people were sent as advance guard of the Earth invasion, was transformed into a giant monster Gagango. It's strategy and devastated Tokyo using Gagango, and that will Koyo invaded a large spacecraft team at once and take advantage of the chaos. Fireman fight Gagango to save Tokyo, but suffer from sneezing of Gagango such as storm wind speed of 300 m, it is not prohibitive.



Non Ultras


  • Gagango (First and only appearance)

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