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The Future You Decide (きみの決める未来 Kimi no kimeru Mirai) is the fifth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Pirika Asahikawa meets a girl named Aoi in the city. She was keeping a secret... On the other hand, Hiroyuki Kudo & Ultraman Taiga struggle to fight the kaiju Segmeger. Will they be able to win?


Pirika found her new clothes but Kana comes and types to enter the memory. They watch the flashback video: the poisonous, space kaiju, Segmeger, first fought Taiga, poisoning his left arm with Seger Flame, which transferred the damage over to Hiroyuki as well. Taiga destroyed it using Strium Blaster after a brief fight, but Hiroyuki had to get a cast over his arm afterward before he detransforms.

Pirika ties the blanket on the now-poisoned Hiroyuki's left arm, then, Alien Damara tells them that he had a flashback: a summoner one used Segmeger to destroy his home planet. After Damara left, Homare wears a jacket as the members follow, much from telling Hiroyuki how. Pirika looks the damaged buildings but she, in front of the ferris wheel, searches the people, poisoning in her tablet. In the mall, she completes the analysis and sends to Hiro. She sees her clothes but "I want this one!" they said but she encounters with the summoner, revealed Alien Seger Aoi, for the first time.

After they bought their clothes, she meets Pirika for the first time, they saw the new shoes, got excited as they buy. Hiroyuki looks too much cameras but Taiga tells the member he's kind of lame. "Then you do something about this, Taiga." Hiroyuki shouted as he slams the table, causing Taiga to fall into the coffee but Titas and Fuma watched before the light hero (temporarily) drowns, After Pirika and Aoi bought all costumes, she takes a picture with a summoner, then, Pirika revealing her real job while saying that she was envious of the humans' lifestyle since her race focused only on "working". After Hiroyuki still sleeping, the ringtone beeps before he wakes up and send a photo to Pirika. Aoi found out that Pirika was looking for her when she had to check her phone when Hiroyuki managed to find an image of Segmeger's summoner, and their friendship quickly went sour. Aoi attacked Pirika using her crystal ball before summoning Segmeger to wreak havoc on the city, but it was faced by Tri-Squad, along with Hiroyuki, transforming into Taiga, decides the second battle with, using Galactron Ring, Mons Beam Ray. Fuma also had a difficult time with Segmeger and switched with Titas, who chopped its tail off. Titas was sprayed with Segmeger's poison blood that came gushing out of its wound, disorienting him, which allowed Segmeger to knock him down.

Pirika then confronted Aoi and managed to convince her to do the right thing, and that her future was her own to decide. Feeling guilty for her actions, Aoi sacrificed her life force, despite Pirika's pleas for her not to go so far. Titas received Aoi's life energy and recovered from his poisoning. He then proceeded to destroy Segmeger, and then pounded the kaiju and finished it off with Electro Buster via X-let, turning it into a ring that Hiroyuki collected. After the final battle, Titas looks the depressed Pirika after Aoi's sacrifice before he left. Pirika returns in the next day, but she saw a picture with Aoi yesterday, she looks happy as she continues working.

Tri-Squad VoiceDrama


The★Ultraman Titas - Part 1 (ザ★ウルトラマンタイタス 前編 Za Urutoraman Taitasu Zenpen)

Taiga starts off by asking Titas why he has so much black on his body. Fuma interrupts and calls him impolite, but Titas continues on and explains about his homeland, Planet U40, as well as his past with his friend Mattia.


Guest Cast

  • Summoner Aoi (召喚士 葵 Shōkanshi Aoi): Rion Tanimoto (谷本 琳音 Tanimoto Rion)

Voice Actors

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