The Future You Decide (きみの決める未来 Kimi no kimeru Mirai) is the fifth episode of Ultraman Taiga.


Pirika Asahikawa meets a girl named Aoi in the city. She was keeping a secret... On the other hand, Hiroyuki Kudo & Ultraman Taiga struggle to fight the kaiju Segmeger. Will they be able to win?


Pirika met a girl named Aoi on the streets and their relationship deepened as they went shopping together, but she had a secret she did not tell… At the same time, Taiga and Hiroyuki were facing a hard battle against powerful monster Segmeger who controls poison flame! Would they be able to defeat this powerful enemy!? And what would happen to Pirika and Aoi’s friendship…!?

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The★Ultraman Titas - Part 1 (ザ★ウルトラマンタイタス 前編 Za Urutoraman Taitasu Zenpen)

Taiga starts off by asking Titas why he has so much black on his body. Fuma interrupts and calls him impolite, but Titas continues on and explains about his homeland, Planet U40, as well as his past with his friend Martyr.


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