The Fragments of Hope
Ultraman Geed, Episode 24
Air date 12/16/2017
Written by Hirotaka Adachi
Directed by Koichi Sakamoto
The Sturm's Light
The Symbol of Geed

The Fragments of Hope (キボウノカケラ Kibou no Kakera) is the twenty-fourth and penultimate episode of Ultraman Geed.


Belial has come back as Belial Atrocious and puts despair into everyone's hearts. Can Geed defeat his father once and for all?


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  • This episode's title shares its name with the series' ending song, Kibou no Kakera.
  • For some reason, Zero's Color Timer did not blink throughout the last episode, even though he got slashed/stabbed by Belial several times.
  • The pose for Belial in the title card is similar to Geed's, only now it's Belial in his new fusion who took up the pose.
  • This is the fourth time Belial and Zero have fought in new forms, this is also mirrors when they first met, when Belial and Zero only used the weapons they had, Zero Sluggers and the Giga Battle Nizer.
  • The Nebula House's ship form, Neo Britannica, is a re-used prop from from Sol's ship from Ultraman Cosmos.
  • Belial saving Kei from a doomed Planet Sturm is very much like when King saved Leo from his destroyed home.
  • The Neo Brittania is named after the Brittania from the Larson's Saga novels.

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