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The Fossil of Ruin (滅亡の化石 Metsubō no Kaseki) is the twentieth episode of Ultraman Gaia.


An ancient egg perfectly preserve since the extinction of the dinosaurs was found in Japan and taken to a research facility. Hiroya Fujimiya found use for the ancient creature that laid dormant in it and took the identity of a famous paleontologist to reawaken the egg. Within hours the egg cracked and oozed some sort of substance that grew and became Geschenk. The homing napalm bubbles from his horn were too much for both XIG and Tokyo. To prevent Gamu Takayama's interference Fujimiya restrained him and took away the Esplender. However, through willpower the Esplender was activated and Ultraman Gaia came to the scene. While Geschenk tried to defeat Gaia with his whip tail and homing napalm bubbles it wasn't enough as he was blown to pieces by the Photon Edge.





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  • Ultraman Gaia Volume 5 features episodes 17-20.
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