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The Flying Whale (飛ぶクジラ Tobu Kujira) is the sixteenth episode of Ultraman Cosmos.


Akane is upset when her friend Kōta teases her for wanting to swim with whales. Chaos Header materializes her whale dream into reality as Jirak, the flying whale. When the EYES team come to investigate, Akane merges with the whale to become Chaos Jirak. She fights with Ultraman Cosmos. Kōta shouts an apology, which she rejects. He then promises to leverage his fathers bakery business to pay for a trip to Dominica so she can swim with dolphins. With that, she relents and turns back into a girl.


  • Musashi Haruno (春野ムサシ Haruno Musashi): Taiyo Sugiura (杉浦 太陽 Sugiura Taiyō)
  • Captain Harumitsu Hiura (ヒウラ ハルミツ 隊長 Hiura Harumitsu Taichō): Daisuke Shima (嶋 大輔 Shima Daisuke)
  • Shinobu Mizuki (ミズキ シノブ Shinobu Mizuki): Kaori Sakagami (坂上 香織 Sakagami Kaori)
  • Keisuke Fubukiフブキ ケイスケ (Fubuki Keisuke): Hidekazu Ichinose (市瀬 秀和 Ichinose Hidekazu)
  • Koji Doigaki (ドイガキ コウジ Doigaki Koji): Koichi Sudo (須藤公一 Sudō Kōichi)
  • Ayano Morimoto (モリモト アヤノ Morimoto Ayano): Mayuka Suzuki (鈴木繭菓 Suzuki Mayuka)

Voice Actors

Guest Actors

  • Akane Tachibana (立花 茜 Tachibana Akane): Kasumi Takabatake (高畠 華澄 Takabatake Kasumi)
  • Kōta Noda (野田 浩太 Noda Kōta): Motoki Ochiai (落合 扶樹 Ochiai Motoki)​​​)

Suit Actors




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Ultraman Cosmos Volume 4 features episodes 13-16.


  • Keiichi Hasegawa envisions the entire episode's plot as a reference to Yapool from Ultraman Ace, who haunted the human hearts during his active period on Earth.
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