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The Five Stars that Scattered Throughout the Galaxy (銀河に散った5つの星 Ginga ni chitta itsutsu no hoshi) is the fourteenth episode of Ultraman Ace. It is the concluding part of a two-part arc which features the previous four Ultra Brothers a second time.


As a result of Yapool's dirty trick, Ace was forced to forfeit when his brothers were under crucifixion. Hokuto and Minami were treated with artificial sunlight to heal their injuries. Commander Takakura arrived to provide the plan to destroy Planet Golgotha with a Superluminal Missile that can breach into the minus universe. The time given to complete the missile would be a week, and proceeded to be launched in July 7th (coincidentally during Hokuto and Minami's birthday). Hokuto realizes the risk of killing the four Ultra Brothers that way, but is incapable of defying Takakura's orders. The Superluminal Missile No.7 was built as a manned projectile, wherein the pilot would drove the front part and eject the rear half on the Anti Universe.

During that missile's creation period, Yapool also created the Ace Killer to steal the captured Brothers' tactics (Ultraman's Spacium energy, Zoffy's M87 Beam, Seven's Emerium energy and Jack's Ultra Bracelets) into his own assets. Using the Ace Robot as a testing dummy, Ace Killer used all of their attacks to destroy it while the Brothers watched helplessly in their impending doom.

Hokuto was chosen to pilot the missile due to the computer's decision. During the flight, the lever used to separate his cockpit from the missile failed. While the TAC members argued with Takakura for taking Hokuto's life lightly, he obliged with the suicidal mission, seeing it as the only way to reunite Ace with the Brothers. It was at that moment when Baraba commenced attack again and TAC departed to the scene. Despite being connected through the screen Hokuto and Minami transforms into Ace and destroy the Superluminal Missile before reaching Golgotha.

Ace was content in dying with his brothers, while his fight against Ace Killer was confirmed to be a one-sided disadvantage. The rest of the Brothers charged their energy into Ace's Ultra Hole, allowing him to create the Space Q and destroy Ace Killer. After failing their mission, Yapool had the Planet Golgotha into self destruct, but the Ultra Brothers leave safely as Ace rushed to fight Baraba on Earth. With no advantages, Baraba was quickly beheaded with its own weapon by Ace. In TAC's base, the TAC members and Shoji celebrated both Tanabata and Hokuto and Minami's birthday.

The two hosts stare at the starry night and reminisces the tale of Tanabata in regards to the characters Kengyu (Hikoboshi) and Orihime.


  • Seiji Hokuto (北斗星司 Hokuto Seiji Hokuto Seiji): Keiji Takamine (高峰 圭二 Takamine Keiji)
  • Yuko Minami (南夕子 Minami Yūko): Mitsuko Hoshi (星光子 Hoshi Mitsuko)
  • Goro Ryu (竜五 郎 Ryū Goro): Tetsurō Sagawa (瑳川哲朗 Sagawa Tetsurō)
  • Ichiro Yamanaka (山中一郎 Yamanaka Ichiro): Okita Shunichi (沖田駿一 Shunichi Okita)
  • Tsutomu Konno (今野勉 Konno Tsutomu): Masaaki Yamamoto (山本正明 Yamamoto Masaaki)
  • Noriko Mikawa (美川 のり子 Mikawa Noriko) Keiko Nishi (西恵子 Nishi Keiko)
  • Kozo Yoshimura (吉村公三 Yoshimura Kozo): Koyo Sano (佐野光洋 Sano Koyo)
  • Kaji Yoichi (梶洋一 Yoichi Kaji): Katsumi Nakaiyama (中山 勝己 Nakaiyama Katsumi)
  • Ultraman Ace (ウルトラマンエース Urutoraman Ēsu Voice): Goro Naya (納谷悟朗 Naya Gorō)
  • Yapool (ヤープル Yapurū Voice): Hirofumi Takada (高田裕史 Takada Hirofumi)
  • Ultraman (ウルトラマン Urutoraman Voice): Masato Tsujimura (辻村真人 Tsujimura Masato)
  • Zoffy (ゾフィー Zofī Voice): Osamu Ichikawa (市川治 Ichikawa Osamu)
  • Ultraseven (ウルトラセブン Urutorasebun Voice): Michihiro Ikemizu (池水通洋 Ikemizu Michihiro)
  • Ultraman Jack (ウルトラマンジャック Urutoraman Jakku Voice): Keisuke Yamashita (山下啓介 Yamashita Keisuke)
  • Narrator (ナレーター Nareta): Shin Kishida (岸田森 Kishida Shin)

Guest Stars

  • Ichiro (一郎 Ichiro): Masahiko Nezu (根津雅彦 Nezu Masahiko)
  • Commanding Officer Takakura (高倉司令官 Takakura Shireikan): Isao Yamagata (山形勲 Yamagata Isao)




Home Media

  • Ultraman Ace Volume 4 features episodes 13-16.
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