The First Errand (初めてのお使い Hajimete no Otsukai) is the twelfth episode of Ultraman Mebius.


The Adjutant is sent on a secret mission of great importance. But can he succeed?


The adjutant of GUYS, Aide Toriyama, is sent to take a box containing something dangerous to the disposal factory. Unfortunately, on the way, he loses one of the glass cases in it, by dropping it into a river. It is found by an old man who fished for collectibles in the river. When he gets back, he is told the contents were for METEOR and considered too dangerous for use! It was used by Alien Grotes to create Kodaigon, and they discovered grotecell, used to turn things into monsters.

The case makes its way to the collector's home, where it starts animating his figurines. Meanwhile, Toriyama secretly seeks the aid of Mirai, Teppei and Konomi in finding the lost capsule. Konomi discovers the collector's shop, and they find the capsule of grotocell. Unfortunately, the Toriyama drops it, and the grotecell infects a statue of Ebisu.

Mirai throws it away and it grows into the giant Kodaigon Other! GUYS attacks, and Mirai runs off to transform. However, the kaiju shrugs off his attacks. Hikari arrives and the ultras tag-team it, but are no match. Then Teppei learns of a crack on its right leg, and tells the ultras to attack that. They fire their beams at it, and the grotecell leaks out, restoring the statue.


Home Media

  • Ultraman Mebius Volume 3 features episodes 9-12.

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