The Final Showdown?, known in Japan as Farewell! Ultraman (さらば!ウルトラマン Saraba! Urutoraman), is the thirteenth and final episode of Ultraman: The Ultimate Hero.


Another Baltan pod is launched towards Earth and crashes into WINR headquarters, totally obliterating the base. From the pod emerges Zetton, the Baltans ultimate weapon, ready to do battle with WINR and Ultraman Powered. Meanwhile, the beaten and tattered remnants of the WINR team plan their next move. While caring for the injured and unconscious Kai in the MTC medical bay, Beck discovers that he possesses wounds identical to the ones Powered had inflicted on him by Dorako. Going through his discarded uniform, she discovers the beta capsule which begins to glow. WINR are ordered to stop Zetton at all costs and as they maneuver the MTC into position, the still-unconscious Kai hears his alien alter ego. Powered apologizes to Kai for the pain he has caused and prepares to separate himself from Kai and face Zetton alone. Zetton proves to be too great a foe for to overcome and he falls to ground, barely clinging to life. Meanwhile, Beck determines that the Beta Capsule holds a tremendous amount of energy and so she decides to hook it up to the MTC's onboard power supply in order to increase their weapons power and perhaps destroy the alien menace. WINR's efforts prove successful and as they hover over the unconscious Powered, two spheres of red light descend from the sky and envelope his body. WINR realizes that Powered's people have come to take him home to Nebula M78.






  • This is the only time that Powered doesn't utter a grunt in battle.
  • The episode's opening and ending music are new cover versions of Toshihiko Sahashi's "Ultraman Powered Main Theme -Opening Titles-" and a segment of "The Soldier of Light -The Ultimate Hero-". The music was not released for any soundtracks.
  • This is one of the few episodes to feature some slight swearing, especially Russel's line "How long we can get the hell out of here?"
  • The Japanese title is taken directly from the final episode of the original Ultraman series.



Note the arrows pointing out the mats.

  • In the original VHS release, a slightly obvious light blue crash mats was seen on the bottom when Powered falls down (twice) after Zetton counterattacks him. The Blu-Ray release has the crash mats edited and cropped out.
  • During Powered Zetton's exploding sequence, another layer of Powered's back is still present on his front.
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