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The Father of Ultra and Son Big Mochi-Making Strategy (ウルトラ父子(おやこ)餅つき大作戦! Urutora fushi (oya ko) mochi-tsuki dai sakusen!) is the thirty-ninth episode of Ultraman Taro. It features the return of Yuko Minami the former human host from Ultraman Ace.


Mochi-day may be ruined when Mochiron arrives and causes trouble! Why did the monster come to earth?


In Japan, it was a time of celebration known as “Mochi-Day.” A holiday where everyone is happy to be alive and everyone eats rice cake. Kotaro Higashi decided to get in on the fun and make rice cakes along with the townsfolk of a nearby village. However, the day soon shifted into chaos, as Mochiron appeared from the moon being carried by a gigantic blimp.

As soon as the awkward-looking monster landed, it snatched up as many buckets full of rice cake as it could and ate them all up. The voracious monster then flew away and landed in another village that was celebrating the holiday only to eat up their cake as well. As so this continued on and on throughout the day with Mochiron constantly eating all the cake.

ZAT however would stand for this and so they attacked the monster with missiles, only to anger the monster into landing and setting villages ablaze with his flames and his rolling ability. The monster’s rampage eventually continued on into the night and everyone was in lament as it seemed Mochi-Day was now ruined.

At that moment, Kotaro was then greeted by Yuko Minami, the former female host of Ultraman Ace. She and Kotaro soon confronted the monster demanding to know why it’s attacking on the holiday. However the monster stated that he would leave and thus attacked Kotaro, Luckily, Kotaro was able to transform into Ultraman Taro and thus the two fought while Minami watched on.

Ultraman Taro was able to beat down Mochiron, but he didn't kill him. Someone was calling to him and it was none other than the Father of Ultra himself. Ultra Father broke up the battle between Taro and Mochiron and demanded Mochiron’s reasons for attacking. Mochiron finally admitted that he only came for the rice cakes that were being made for Mochi-Day.

As a result, Ultraman Taro created a giant butter churn and a hammer to create the rice cakes and even Minami joined him, ballooning into a giantess form and joining him in cakes. The next day, the holiday was restarted and re-celebrated due to Mochiron’s attack. Finally, before the celebration could begin, Mochiron, stuffed from the Rice Cakes he ate last night was being carried away into the sky by Ultra Father and Minami and into space so that the festival could resume in peace.






Home Media

  • Ultraman Taro Volume 10 features episodes 38-41.
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